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Algebraic Topology Discussion List
The primary functions of this list are: providing abstracts of papers posted to the Hopf archive, providing information about topology conferences, and serving as a forum for topics related to algebraic topology. The site also serves as an archive of links to websites related to algebraic topology.

British Topology Home Page
A source of pointers to Topology-related sites, including archives and conference announcements.

Differentiable manifolds
Lecture notes by Mariusz Wodzicki in postscript or pdf.

Differential Topology
Course notes by Matthew G. Brin in PostScript including "Introduction to Differential Topology", "Introduction to Seifert fibered 3-manifolds", "Groups acting on 1-dimensional spaces", and "Presentations, conjugacy, roots and centralizers in groups of piecewise linear homeomorphisms of the real line".

Links to Low-dimensional Topology
Topics: General, Conferences, Pages of Links, Knot Theory, 3-manifolds, Journals.

Mazes and Mathematics
History and mathematical analysis of labyrinths.

Planar Machines - an Invitation to Topology.
Java applets exploring configuration spaces.

The Transpennine Topology Triangle is a topology seminar partially supported by the London Mathematical Society with vertices at Leicester, Manchester and Sheffield.

The Cantor Set
Article in the Platonic Realms, describing the Cantor discontinuum, a favorite example of topology. Includes examples and illustrations.

Topics in Mathematics - Topology
In the Mathematics Archives at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Lecture notes by David R. Wilkins at Trinity College, Dublin.

Descriptions and illustrations of several topological and differential geometry related notions.

Topology Atlas
Preprints, abstracts, calendar, links, other resources.

Topology Course Lecture Notes
By Aisling McCluskey and Brian McMaster. HTML with symbol fonts, DVI and PostScript.

What is Topology?
An introductory essay by Neil Strickland, University of Sheffield.