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HyperStat Online
Introductory hypertext statistics book. Each chapter contains links to related materials including educational demos and web-based statistical analysis programs.

A New View of Statistics
An on-line text book of statistics for researchers in biomedical and other empirical sciences.

Briefbook of Data Analysis
A condensed handbook in encyclopedic format, covering subjects in statistics, computing, analysis and related fields. In HTML: a printed version is available.

Concepts and Applications of Inferential Statistics
A full-length and occasionally interactive statistics textbook on the web.

Open source of articles about statistics. Indexed by date, author, title and keyword. Uses PDF and PS coding.

Medical Statistics at a Glance
Companion site for the book by Aviva Petrie and Caroline Sabin (Blackwell). MCQs, self-tests, further resources.

Reversibility and Stochastic Networks
By Frank Kelly, University of Cambridge. Full text of this book now available for download in PDF and DjVu formats.

Sequential Simplex Optimization
Electronic reprint of the classical textbook on improving quality and productivity in research, development, and manufacturing.

StatSoft: Electronic Statistical Textbook
Offers training in the understanding and application of statistics.

Statistical and Inductive Inference by Minimum Message Length
Book by Prof. C. S. Wallace, on the minimum message length criterion for model selection in statistics and machine learning.

Statistics Tools for Internet and Classroom Instruction with a Graphical User Interface, by Philip B. Stark, University of California, Berkeley. An interactive introductory statistics text with dynamic examples and exercises, applets and glossary.