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A Matlab Differentiation Matrix Suite
Provides functions for solving differential equations by the spectral collocation method.

A Practical Introduction to MATLAB
An introduction to some of the most useful features of MATLAB, including plenty of examples.

A Survey of Parallel MATLAB Projects
Divides projects into 4 approaches to providing parallel functionalities: Communication routines (MPI/PVM); Routines to split up work among multiple sessions; Parallel backend; Compiling into native parallel code.

[commercial] Automated multivariable system identification and time series analysis software.

ARMASA Toolbox
[free] The power spectrum containing only the significant details is calculated from an estimated time series model. The model order and type are determined automatically, using statistical selection criteria.

ARfit: Fitting Multivariate Autoregressive Models
Offers functions for estimating parameters of multivariate autoregressive (AR) models, diagnostic checking of fitted models, and analyzing eigenmodes.

Advanced Source Code
Source code for signal processing, image processing, and biometric recognition.

Audio Filtering Toolkit
A collection of functions for designing and analyzing industry standard digital audio filters.

A toolbox dedicated to Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Electroencephalography (EEG) data visualization and processing.

Scandinavian distributor of MATLAB, FEMLAB and Maple.

CSIRO matlab/netCDF interface
Used in a to retrieve data from, and information about, existing netCDF files.

Camera Calibration Toolbox
Utilizes a new bias correction procedure for circular control points and a nonrecursive method for reversing the distortion model.

Chemometrics Toolbox
Provides specialized functions for calibration, including quantitative and qualitative analysis. Includes ordering details.

Constell, Inc
A toolbox designed for analysis of GPS, GLONASS, and user defined constellations for navigation or communcications.

A package for bifurcation analysis of delay differential equations.

Data Visualization Toolbox
Implementing the analytical and graphical methods presented in William S. Cleveland's Visualizing Data.

Computes a few (algebraiclly) smallest or largest eigenvalues of large symmetric matrices.

The GLOBEC Kriging software package.

A small spectrum-analyzer like plotter.

[free] A GUI (Graphical User Interface) that integrates MATLAB's eigs routine (ARPACK) for finding a few eigenvalues of a large sparse matrix with the (now obsolete) Pseudospectra GUI for computing pseudospectra of matrices.

Engineering Vibration Toolbox
Including single degree of freedom response, response spectrum, finite elements, numerical integration, modal analysis and phase plane analysis.

Evolutionary Algorithms for MATLAB
A list of available toolboxes for genetic algorithms and genetic programming.

Factor Analysis Toolbox
The Factor Analysis Toolbox provides a family of specialized MATLAB functions for factor analysis techniques. It is designed to help you learn the principles of target factor analysis and to provide the capabilities necessary for tackling real research and modelling problems.

Implements the fast fixed-point algorithm for independent component analysis and projection pursuit.

Flight Dynamics and Control Toolbox
A Matlab/Simulink toolbox for aircraft dynamics research and flight control system design. Features a detailed flight model, autopilot simulation, and user manual.

GABLE: A MATLAB Geometric Algebra Tutorial
A tutorial for learning Geometric Algebra, aimed at the sophomore college level.

Global Optimization by Multilevel Coordinate Search
MCS is a MATLAB program for bound constrained global optimization using function values only, based on a multilevel coordinate search that balances global and local search.

A MATLAB/SeDuMi add-on to build and solve convex conic relaxations of non-convex global polynomial optimization problems.

Gradient Vector Flow for MATLAB
A variation on active contours, computer-generated curves that move within images to find object boundaries.

HPLOT - Signal Data Visualization and Processing Tool for MATLAB
A dynamic gui tool made for rapid visualization and signal treatment, filtering, FFT and other mathematical operations. By Claudio Gambelli.

HUTear Matlab Toolbox version 2.0
A MATLAB toolbox for auditory modeling.

Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Toolbox
Written by Kevin Murphy [free].

A program which allows the user to visualize the effect of complex maps, especially, but not exclusively, those which are holomorphic.

Image Reconstruction Toolbox
M-files for several algorithms for tomographic image reconstruction. Included in collection is a NUFFT MATLAB toolbox that performs fast and accurate nonuniform FFT computations.

KFtools for MATLAB
Some simple, fast image processing functions for MATLAB.

Kriging Toolbox
Matlab based toolbox written by Caroline Lafleur and Yves Gratton, INRS-Oceanologie, Universite du Quebec Rimouski.

L3NAV Systems
Provider of GPS and Kalman Filtering Toolboxes for MATLAB.

A documentation system for Matlab in HTML.

MAD - MATLAB Automatic Differentiation
Library of functions and utilities for the automatic differentiation of MATLAB functions and statements. MAD utilizes an optimized class library for the linear combination of derivative vectors.

A MATLAB-based program for dynamical system investigation. Current version allows to compute trajectories, equilibria, Poincare map, Lyapunov exponents and vector field visualization for ordinary differential equation systems.

A collection of M-files for linear algebra maintained by Michael Tsatsomeros at Washington State University.

Frequently asked questions in comp.soft-sys.matlab.

The TOMLAB Optimization Environment is a powerful optimization platform for solving applied optimization problems in MATLAB. TOMLAB provides a wide range of features, tools and services for your solution process.

MPEG compression algorithms for audio.

Math Forum
Users of the software share tips and advice.

Mathematical Exploration with MATLAB
By Ke Chen, Peter Giblin and Alan Irving (CUP, 1999). M-files and sample solutions.
MATLAB Portal with links to toolboxes and other resources. Requires Javascript; free registration.

NetCDF Toolbox Home Page
MexCDF and NetCDF Toolbox For Matlab-5

Numerical Methods with MATLAB
A textbook for third and fourth year undergraduates in engineering and science.

ODE Software for MATLAB
Several versions of DFIELD and PPLANE by John C. Polking, available free for use in educational institutions.

OPTI-NUM solutions
Reseller of MATLAB, Simulink and related products in Southern Africa. Provides training, technical support, consulting and application development services.

A finite element toolbox.

PROPT - MATLAB Optimal Control Software
A software package intended to solve dynamic optimization problems (ODE and DAE) by code generation for MAD and TOMLAB /SNOPT.

Particle Image Velocimetry with Matlab
URAPIV is a free Matlab toolbox for a Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) analysis.

Podium Technology
Specialises in producing tools for MATLAB/Simulink that enhance their use in generating control systems for embedded control units and their application tools.

Polynomial Toolbox
A package for polynomials, polynomial matrices and their application in systems, signals and control. [commercial]

Probabilistic Model Toolkit
[free] Functions for inference and learning in various static and dynamic probabilistic models such as hidden Markov models, linear dynamic systems, Gaussian mixture models, and factor analyzers.

Programming in MATLAB
Documentation in text, PS and PDF.

QMG project
The QMG package generates finite element meshes in two and three dimensions. It is free software distributed as C++ source code with MATLAB and Tck/Tk interfaces.

A MATLAB toolbox for solving optimal control problems.

Regularized EM algorithm for analysis of incomplete datasets
A regularized expectation-maximization (EM) algorithm for the estimation of mean values and covariance matrices and for the imputation of missing values in large, incomplete datasets.

Provides bidirectional interfaces with a number of finite element file formats.

Read and write SEGY data.

SOM Toolbox for Matlab
SOM Toolbox is a software library for Matlab 5 (version 5.2 at least) implementing the Self-Organizing Map (SOM) algorithm.

Scientific/Educational MATLAB Database
Database of educational or scientific MATLAB m-files in Mathematics and Engineering, maintained by the University of Stuttgart, Germany.

Software Techniques Inc.
Modeling, simulation and prototyping of physical, chemical and mechanical systems. Data analysis, graphics and visualization.

Solving DDEs with MATLAB
Deals with the solution of delay differential equations with constant delays

Spatial Analysis 3D
Freely available MATLAB tools for the analysis and visualisation of 3d point patterns. Includes methods for simulating 3d point patterns.

Spatial Statistics Toolbox
[free] For estimating large-scale spatial autoregressions.

Statistical Parametric Mapping
[free] SPM is a software package for MATLAB for the analysis of brain imaging data sequences (fMRI, PET, SPECT, EEG, MEG).

Structural Dynamics Toolbox
Provides extensions linked to general 3-D finite element modelling, experimental modal analysis and test/analysis correlation.

System Identification Tool
A collection of M-files implementing several numerical schemes (state estimation, simultaneous state and parameter estimation) within the framework of state space filtering.

Technic Solutions
MATLAB and FEMLAB consulting and training based in Tasmania.

The Matrix Computation Toolbox
[free] A collection of MATLAB M-files containing functions for constructing test matrices, computing matrix factorizations, visualizing matrices, and carrying out direct search optimization.

The Schwarz-Christoffel Toolbox
Free distribution in ZIP archives.

[commercial] Provides state-of-the-art optimization, with fast and robust solutions to sparse and dense linear, quadratic and nonlinear programming problems.

Tutorial for Control System Toolbox
By Finn Haugen, Telemark College and TechTeach.

WAFO Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography
[free] A toolbox for statistical analysis and simulation of random waves and random loads.

Wavelets and Signal Processing Package for Matlab
[free] WaveLab is a library of MATLAB routines for wavelet analysis, wavelet-packet analysis, cosine-packet analysis and matching pursuit.

Yahoo Groups: Matlab
Discussion group for users, with a focus on DSP related topics.

Functions for the EM estimation of mixtures and hidden Markov models.