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Applied Probability Society
A subdivision of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) concerned with the application of probability theory to systems that involve random phenomena.

ArXiv Front: PR Probability Theory
Probability section of the mathematics e-print arXiv

Math Surprises: An Example
Buffon's Needle simulation and a surprising demonstration of Barbier's theorem about shapes of constant width

Parrondo Paradox
Parrondo Paradox simulation and a demonstration of the ratchet effect.

Probabilistic Learning Activities Network
Probability activities and simulations in the form of applets and spreadsheets. This site advocates a Question/Hypothesis/Experiment approach to learning probability.

Probabilistic Thinking
By Richard Jeffrey. HTML.

Probability Guide for Non-mathematicians
Probability theory basics, applications (including to gambling), interpretations, books, free texts.

The Applied Probability Trust
A non-profit foundation for study and research. Publications feature research journals, a student magazine and occasional special volumes.

The Collector's Problem and the Two-Dimensional Factorial
In finding a new solution to a classic probability problem concerning the collection of items in a set, a new and useful recursive function has been found, the "two-dimensional factorial."

The Laymans Guide to Probability
An in-depth but easily readable guide on probability theory, covering various aspects of theory with a bias to gambling games.

The Probability Web
A collection of pages maintained by Bob Dobrow to serve people with interests in probability theory and its applications.

Theory of Probability
The introduction, formulas, software, algorithms, equations, problems, and calculations.