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American Mathematical Society
Founded to promote mathematical research and education through conferences, contests surveys, publications, employment services, scholarship programs, locating research funding, resources, and outreach. Includes program news and membership information.

International Mathematical Union (IMU)
Promotes international co-operation in Mathematics. Information about the Union and its executive committee, news bulletins and details of member countries.

African Mathematical Union (UMA)
African equivalent of the International Mathematical Union. Interim site with details of the Union's activities.

Association for Christians in the Mathematical Sciences
Promotes interaction among Christians in the mathematical sciences and encourages them to explore the relationship of their faith to their discipline. History, meetings, membership, online newsletter and resources.

Association for Women in Mathematics
A nonprofit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting women and girls in the mathematical sciences including pure and applied mathematics and statistics. Site has newsletters, events and resources including job adverts.

Atlantic Provinces Council on the Sciences: Mathematics and Statistics Committee
An association to encourage and further research in all mathematical sciences, statistics and computer science, in the Atlantic region. Lists board of directors, programs past, present and future and e-mail contacts list.

Austrian Mathematical Society
The national mathematics society of Austria. Membership information and publications.

Belgian Mathematical Society (BMS)
National mathematics society. Includes staff, conference details and archived newsletters.

Canterbury Mathematical Association
New Zealand organisation to encourage and support the teaching and learning of Mathematics. Events and Cantmath competition news.

Commission for Developing Countries
An IMU commission to promote mathematics in developing and economically disadvantaged countries and to foster international cooperation.

Conference for African-American Researchers in the Mathematical Sciences
CAARMS addresses critical issues involving African-American researchers and graduate students in the mathematical sciences.

Council for the Mathematical Sciences
A body representing the main UK mathematical societies.

Czech Mathematical Society
A section of the Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists. Organisation, contacts, documents, jobs meetings, resources. English/Czech site.

Edinburgh Mathematical Society (EMS)
Founded in 1883 for "the mutual improvement of its members in the Mathematical Sciences, pure and applied", it is the principal mathematical society for the university community in Scotland. Membership is drawn from all the Scottish universities and other educational institutions as well as from mathematicians in industry and commerce both at home and overseas.

Estonian Mathematical Society
National mathematical society. Contact information and list of members.

European Mathematical Society (EMS)
Aims to further the development of all aspects of mathematics in the countries of Europe and establish a sense of identity amongst European mathematicians. Includes electronic library, databases and details of activities.

European Society for Mathematics and the Arts (ESMA)
An institution of cultural creation and diffusion. Activities, publications, galleries, resources.

Finnish Mathematical Society
A society for professionals, appliers and students of mathematics. Includes background information, links, contacts and details of seminars.

Hong Kong Mathematical Society (HKMS)
Membership directory, meetings and the Hong Kong mathematicians directory.

International Association for Statistical Computing
International organization concerned with the theory, methods and practice of statistical computing. Includes online newsletter and software archives.

International Linear Algebra Society
Based in Israel, promotes international co-ordination to assist the development of theoretical matrix analysis and linear algebra. Includes details of the Hans Schneider Prize and Taussky-Todd Lecture.

International Society for Bayesian Analysis
Promotes the development and application of Bayesian statistical theory and methods useful in the solution of theoretical and applied problems in science, industry and government.

International Society for Mathematical and Computational Aesthetics
Detail and analysis on the development of CAD and other influences in contemporary design. A division of the International Society for Group Theory in Cognitive Science. Contact information.

International Society for the Arts, Mathematics, and Architecture
ISAMA furthers interdisciplinary education relating the arts, mathematics, and architecture. Links to resources in the three areas.

International Statistical Institute
Links to events and resources for statisticians, educators or anyone else interested in data analysis techniques.

Irish Mathematical Society
Aims to further mathematics and mathematical research in Ireland. Its membership is international, but it mainly represents mathematicians in universities and other third level institutes in Ireland. Bulletins, meetings, membership information, group rules and structure, employment opportunities, members-only area, and links to useful resources.

Israel Mathematical Union (IMU)
Professional association, with lists of members and upcoming lectures and colloquia.

Joint Mathematical Council of the United Kingdom
A forum for discussion between mathematical societies and for making representations to government and other bodies and responses to their enquiries.

JŠnos Bolyai Mathematical Society
(Hungarian Mathematical Society)

London Mathematical Society (LMS)
Established in 1865 for the promotion and extension of mathematical knowledge. To this end the Society undertakes various publications and holds regular meetings, conferences and symposia. In spite of its name, the Society is not simply a London society. It is the major British learned society for Mathematics, with a nationwide membership. It also has several hundred overseas members.

Mathematical Association of Victoria
Australian non-profit association founded in 1906. Has members from various levels of mathematics teaching.

Mathematical Societies
A list maintained by the International Mathematics Union.

Mathematics Foundation of America
The purpose of MFOA is to ensure that the mathematically talented high school student receives mathematics education appropriate for a future mathematician by providing suitable summer programs and mentors.

Member and Associate Member Societies of the European Mathematical Society
Member list with contact information and links, if available.

Moscow Mathematical Society
The Legacy of A. N. Kolmogorov. April 25, 1903 - October 20, 1987. Addresses by Kolmogorov at meetings of the Moscow Mathematical Society.

National Association of Mathematicians
US. Aims to promote excellence in the mathematical sciences and the mathematical development of underrepresented American minorities.

Resources of Scholarly Societies - Mathematics
Created by compilers at the University of Waterloo Library.

Scottish Mathematical Council
Aims to foster and improve mathematical education at all levels, and to encourage the advancement and application of mathematics throughout Scotland.

Singapore Mathematical Society
Events, programs, publications, news and announcements, and membership details.

South African Mathematical Society
Promotes quality learning, teaching, research, social applications, and promotion of math among the general public. Include mission statement, list of members, publications, and events.

South-East Asia Mathematical Society
Activities, committee, constitution and publications.

St. Petersburg Mathematical Society
Details about meetings, seminars, conferences, membership, employment, and the group's history.

Swiss Mathematical Society
History of the group, affiliations, and publications.

The Mathematical Association
British mathematics teachers' association.

The Theta Foundation
A scientific and not-for-profit organisation, promoting mathematical knowledge, based in Romania.

UK Mathematics Trust
Organizes national mathematics competitions in the UK for 12-18 year old students. Entry forms and past papers.

Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists
One of the oldest European societies in mathematics and physics.

Web Math Collaboration (WMC)
A cooperative of mathematical web sites with similar goals and principles. Also, includes a discussion board, chat help, and formula tables.

Young Mathematicians Network (YMN)
A loose organization of mathematicians in the junior part of their careers. Newsletter and useful links.