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Number Theory Web
Things of interest to number theorists collected by Keith Matthews.

A Mechanical Proof of Quadratic Reciprocity
A paper by David M. Russinoff describing the use of the Boyer-Moore theorem prover in mechanically generating a proof of the Law of Quadratic Reciprocity. PS/PDF.

Active Elementary Number Theory
Interactive (Javascript) expression of a number as a sum of two squares.

An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers by Leo Moser
Textbook covering following topics: compositions and partitions; arithmetic functions; distribution of primes; irrational numbers; congruences; diophantine equations; combinatorial number theory; and geometry of numbers.

Covers, Sumsets and Zero-sums
A unified approach to covering systems, restricted sumsets and zero-sum problems by Zhi-Wei Sun.

Fermat's Little Theorem
With notes on Carmichael numbers and the life of R.D. Carmichael.

Frequently Asked Questions
Number Theory section of the sci.math FAQ list.

Hakmem Continued Fractions
Some notes from the MIT collection. Includes Gosper's algorithms for CF arithmetic.

Introduction to Bernoulli Numbers
A web article with a brief history and account of their relationship with the Riemann zeta function and Fermat's Last Theorem (HTML/PS).

Klein Polyhedra
Examples and algorithms for computing Klein polyhedra, also known as Arnold sails or veils (voiles), by Keith Briggs.

A handbook including tables, formulas, links, and references for L-functions and the underlying objects.

Lehmer's Conjecture
That the Mahler measure of an algebraic number is bounded away from 1. Pages by Michael Mossinghoff, UCLA.

MathPages: Number Theory
Articles by Kevin Brown on various topics in number theory.

MathWorld Number Theory
Index to articles in Eric Weisstein's MathWorld in the area of number theory.

Noncommutative Geometry, Trace Formulae and the Zeroes of the Riemann Zeta Function
Lecture notes by Alain Connes.

Number Theory
Proofs along with equation solvers and graphical views written in Java.

Some Highlights of Arithmetic Combinatorics
Lecture notes and resources on combinatorial number theory by Terence Tao.

Some Number-Theoretical Constants
Products of rational functions of p over primes, computed by Gerhard Niklasch and Pieter Moree.

Somos Polynomials
Related to Somos sequences and elliptic theta functions.

Square-free Gaps
Algorithm and source code for the calculation of square-free numbers and gaps.

The Arithmetic Properties of Binomial Coefficients
Activated text by Andrew Granville.

The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS)
Given an integer sequence, find its name, and formula.

The Somos Sequence Site
Web resources for information on Somos sequences and related topics such as elliptic divisibility sequences.

The Work of Robert Langlands
Thesis, papers, manuscripts, letters and bibliography.

Transcendental Numbers
Maple worksheets, lecture notes and links to other resources by John Cosgrove.

Vignettes on Automorphic and Modular forms, Representations, L-functions, and Number Theory
By Paul Garrett.

Visible Structures in Number Theory
By Peter Borwein and Loki Jrgenson. Recognising number patterns visually.

World Records for Numerical Palindromes
The 196 Palindrome Quest and The Most Delayed Palindromic Number, by Jason Doucette.