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MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
Topics are presented by topic areas, date, or mathematicians. Includes timeline and website search engine.

Ancient Math Papers Restored
Thanks to new imaging technology, part of the remains of a private library, owned by Roman statesman and Julius Caesar's father-in-law, may now be read. These papers were original discovered in 1752 in the town of Herculaneum.

Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics
Shows who coined a wide variety of commonly used terms. Organized by first letter.

Earliest Uses of Mathematical Symbols
Discusses first known appearances of common expressions, such as operations, variables and trigonometric functions.

Galois Translation Project (GTP)
This Site contains original correspondence, official documents and school reports of the mathematician Evariste Galois. This site provides a platform to translate these documents.

Green Lion Press
An independent book publisher specializing in source materials history of mathematics and history of science. Includes list of publications available and contact information.

Historia Mathematica
Elsevier journal about early mathematical discoveries. Includes table of contents and abstracts.

History Topics: Index of Ancient Indian Mathematics
Includes an overview and history of Indian numerals, the Indian Sulbasutras, Jaina mathematics, the Bakhshali manuscript, pi and zero, along with biographical details of ancient Indian mathematicians.

History and Overview
Front for the Mathematics Arxiv of eprints section HO: biographies, philosophy of mathematics, mathematics education, recreational mathematics, communication of mathematics.

History of Mathematics.
Includes classic texts by Hilbert and Euclid (a Java enhanced version of the Elements) a chronology, and links.

History of Mathematics: China
An overview. Includes a chronology of mathematicians and mathematical works, online references and a bibliography

India's Contribution to Ancient Mathematics
Discusses the nation's early development of geometric concepts, algorithms, algebraic ideas and the idea of zero. Also, explains how these ideas may have traveled westward after some invasions from Arabic countries in the 13th century.

MathWorld: History
Descriptions and links relating to various historical problems and topics in mathematics.

Mechanical Aids to Computation and the Development of Algorithms
Article summarizing and illustrating early methods of counting and representing of numbers.

Mechanical Calculators Prior to the 19th Century
Explains the development and motivation for creating calculating machines and algorithms.

Mesopotamian Mathematics - 8000 B.C. to 364 A.D.
Discusses the development of numbers, addition tables, exercise problems and solutions for quadratic equations in one of oldest known civilizations.

Sketches of a History of Hypercomplex Numbers
Detailed timeline of the development of hypercomplex numbers, from early discoveries of complex numbers to modern developments. Includes links to biographies and complete bibliography.

Symbol, Form and Number in Ancient Egypt
Includes math examples from the Rhind papyrus and Babylonian tablets. Also, discusses early Egyptian mythology.

The Art of Renaissance Science
Discusses how art and architecture were influenced by mathematical concepts, such as perspective. Includes photo examples.

The Euler 2004 Conference
Portsmouth, RI, USA; 8--11 August 2004.

The History of the Calculus and the Development of Computer Algebra Systems
Discusses development of integral and derivative calculus from the 17th century. Features contributions by key western mathematicians. Includes examples of selected problems and how they were originally solved in earlier times. Also, covers the historic background to computer algebraic systems.

Twenty-Five Years with Nicolas Bourbaki
Article by Armand Borel from a lecture at Bochum in September 1996 in honour of R.Remmert.

Vatican Exhibit: Ancient Mathematics
Library of Congress. Includes articles and original document images of early Greek contributions to the field.

Washington Post: The Search for Infinity
Discusses the development of the concept of infinity from the early Greeks of the fifth to the second century B.C. Covers the important findings of Zenos, the Pythagorean school, Eudoxus and Archimedes.