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Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide (E-LAW)
A network of public interest attorneys, scientists, and other advocates around the world who support each others' work by exchanging legal and scientific information to defend the environment in their home countries.

Environmental Services Association of Alberta (ESAA)
Business group dedicated to building a strong environmental industry. Group offers the Environment Business (EB) series of professional development courses designed to enhance the technical knowledge of environment industry personnel.

Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics
Nonprofit organization working to forge a socially responsible value system for the U.S. Forest Service. About the organization, issues information and action alerts, and advice for federal employees seeking to effect change.

Institution of Environmental Sciences
Professional body for environmental scientists in the UK to provide balanced, scientific information on the environment to members and the public. Includes organization information, journal archive, and links.

International Marine Animal Trainers Association
Founded to foster communication, professionalism, and cooperation among those who serve marine mammal science through training, public display, research, husbandry, conservation, and education.

International Society of Environmental Forensics
Professional association in the emerging field of scientific investigations that address environmental contamination subjected to law, court arbitration, public debate, or formal argumentation. About the organization, upcoming workshops, and society journal.

NALGEP - National Association of Local Government Environmental Professionals (U.S.)
Brings together local environmental officials to network and share information on innovative environmental practices, conduct environmental policy projects, promote environmental training and education, and communicate the view of local environmental officials on national environmental issues.

National Association for Environmental Management
NAEM is a non-profit educational association dedicated to advancing the knowledge and practice of environmental, health and safety management. It works to enhance the competency and skills of its members by providing professional development opportunities through its programs, publications and networking.

National Association of Environmental Professionals
Multidisciplinary association dedicated to the advancement of the environmental professions in the U.S. and abroad. Includes information on its objectives, membership, chapters, events, publications and working groups.

National Registry of Environmental Professionals
The mission of NREP is to provide legal and professional recognition of individuals possessing education, training and experience as environmental managers, engineers, technologists, scientists and technicians -- and to consolidate that recognition in one centralized source -- so that the public, government, employers and insurers can justify the importance and acceptance of such individuals to carry out operation and management of environmental activities.

Northwest Association of Environmental Professionals
We are environmental professionals in Washington and Oregon dedicated to sharing information and ideas while striving to advance the highest standards of ethics and competency within the profession.

Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
Advocacy group supporting professional employees of government regulatory and resource agencies in the United States.

The Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals
Provides information, resources, and discussion forums, relating to tribal environmental issues and management.

The Organization of Fish and Wildlife Information Managers
OFWIM aims to promote the management and conservation of natural resources by facilitating technology and information exchange. Provides information on the organization, membership, the newsletter and meetings.