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Acta Ichthyologica et Piscatoria
AIeP (founded in 1970) is an international, English-language journal for ichthyology and fisheries. Available online in PDF format.

Applied Ocean Research
Encourages the submission of papers that advance the state of knowledge in a range of topics relevant to ocean engineering. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Bulletin of Marine Science
Publishes research dealing with the tropical and subtropical waters of the world's oceans and marine science. Published by the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami.

Chinese Journal of Oceanology and Limnology
Provides comprehensive coverage of the latest developments in these areas in China and seeks to promote academic exchange between Chinese oceanologists and limnologists and their colleagues elsewhere. All current papers available online.

Coastal Management Journal
Devoted to issues of governance and management of the coastal environment. Tables on contents; full text available to subscribers via Ingenta Select.

Continental Shelf Research
Concentrates on the results of original research in physical oceanography, chemistry, ecology, and sedimentology together with contributions on more applied aspects of continental shelf research.

Deep Diving in Submarine Canyons
Personal narrative of Delta submersible diving in Southern California's submarine canyons.

Deep Sea Research Part I
Takes an interdisciplinary approach to oceanography. Publishes the results of original scientific research, the solution of instrumental problems, and new laboratory methods in the marine sciences. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
Publishes topical issues from international and interdisciplinary projects in oceanography and also collections of papers presented at conferences. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text available by subscription.

Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans
Publishes research articles on the fluid dynamics of atmospheres and oceans and their interactions, on related basic dynamical processes, and on climatic and biogeochemical problems in which the fluid dynamics play an essential role. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science
An international multidisciplinary journal devoted to the analysis of saline water phenomena ranging from the outer edge of the continental shelf to the upper limits of the tidal zone. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Geo-Marine Letters
An international journal for the publication of short, original studies and reviews dealing with all marine geological aspects. Online and print versions.

Journal of the British Marine Life Study Society. Contents list and sample articles.

International Ocean Systems
European-based magazine which is distributed worldwide. It covers the field of ocean data gathering, underwater surveying, and instrumentation. Profile, current issue.

Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans
An interdisciplinary journal containing original contributions on the physics and chemistry of the Earth, its environment, and the solar system. Publication of the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Journal of Marine Research
Publishes articles, either theoretical or descriptive, dealing with interdisciplinary oceanographic research. The journal is published six times a year. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Journal of Marine Systems
Aims to provide a medium of exchange for those engaged in marine research where there exists an interplay between geology, chemistry, biology, and physics. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Journal of Physical Oceanography
Published monthly by the American Meteorological Society, it covers research related to the physics of the ocean and to processes operating at its boundaries.

Journal of Plankton Research
Publishes papers dealing with both zoo and phytoplankton, in marine, freshwater and brackish environments. Published by Oxford University Press.

Journal of Sea Research
An international and multidisciplinary periodical on marine research, with an emphasis on marine ecosystems. An Elsevier Science Journal published in collaboration with the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ).

Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
An international journal with a worldwide distribution publishing original research on all aspects of marine biology. It includes current international research developments and features much of the pioneering work taking place today on major issues concerning marine organisms and their environment.

Limnology and Oceanography
Peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles about all aspects of limnology and oceanography, with a theme of understanding aquatic ecosystems. Published by The American Society of Limnology and Oceanography (ASLO). Includes some articles.

Marine Environmental Research
Publishes original research papers on chemical, physical, and biological interactions in the oceans and coastal waters. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Marine Geodesy
Topics cover topography and mapping, satellite altimetry, bathymetry, positioning, precise navigation, boundary demarcation and determination, tsunamis, plate/tectonics, geoid determination, acoustics and space instrumentation, ground truth, and system calibration.

Marine Geology
An international journal reporting on developments in the fields of marine geology, geochemistry and geophysics. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Marine Geophysical Researches
An international journal for the study of the earth beneath the sea.

Marine Pollution Bulletin
Concerned with the rational use of maritime and marine resources in estuaries, the seas and oceans, as well as with documenting marine pollution and introducing new forms of measurement and analysis.

Marine Technology Society Journal
Provides engineers, scientists, and policy makers with original research and selected review papers on ocean engineering, science, and policy concerns on special topics and general issues.

Marine and Freshwater Research
An international journal for marine, estuarine or freshwater research. All content is online.

Ocean Challenge
The journal of the Challenger Society for Marine Science aims to keep its readers up to date with what is happening in oceanography in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Ocean Dynamics
Publishes articles with an interdisciplinary character that encompass research in the fields of biological, chemical and physical oceanography from a theoretical, computational and/or observational perspective.

Ocean Engineering
Publishes original research and development work in this field. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Ocean Modelling Online
A rapid-response refereed journal for the Marine Science community. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Ocean News & Technology Magazine
Reports on the latest ocean industry news, events and technology developments around the world. Published bi-monthly.

Ocean Science
International online and open-access journal on all aspects of ocean science.

Ocean and Coastal Management
An international journal published 12 times per year dedicated to the study of all aspects of ocean and coastal management at international, national, regional, and local levels. Tables of contents and abstracts; full text by subscription.

Oceanographic Literature Review
An annotated bibliography to the international research literature in all fields of oceanography including science, mathematics and methods as well as policy, laws, economics and resource management. It contains some 8000 citations per annum, all accompanied by an abstract.

The official magazine of the Oceanography Society aims to promote and chronicle all aspects of ocean science and its applications. It publishes brief articles, news and reviews. Lists of contents and online archive of articles.

Quarterly journal of basic research in marine sciences with emphasis on Northern Europe. The complete texts of all articles are available in PDF format from No. 42(1)/00 onwards.

Oceanologica Acta
A scientific journal of French origin, with an international audience. Articles in French and English, with abstracts in both languages.

Oceanus Magazine
A semi-annual report on research at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), written by WHOI scientists and their colleagues, edited for a lay audience. Content online.

Focuses on original contributions dealing with the marine sedimentary record from the present ocean basins and margins and from exposures of ancient marine sediments on the continents. Published by the American Geophysical Union (AGU).

Progress in Oceanography
Publishes the longer, more comprehensive papers on the topic. The articles cover the entire spectrum of disciplines within the science of oceanography.

Shore & Beach
Refereed journal of the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association published quarterly.