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Argo Information Centre
Argo is an international programme using autonomous floats to collect temperature, salinity and current data. It aims to provide a quantitative description of the changing state of the upper ocean and the patterns of ocean climate.

Aviso Altimetry
Distributes satellite altimetry data from Topex/Poseidon, Jason-1, ERS-1 and ERS-2, and EnviSat, and Doris precise orbit determination and positioning products. Data are used to study ocean dynamics and geophysics in climate prediction, monitoring of mean sea level, global warming, El Niņo and La Niņa events, marine currents and ocean circulation, and marine modeling.

Bridge Ocean Education Resource Center
Offers a collection of teacher-reviewed marine education resources that provides educators with a source of information on marine science topics.

Careers in Oceanography, Marine Science and Marine Biology
General career guides for oceanography and marine scientists including guides for marine biology, marine mammal work, zoos and aquariums.

Multimedia distance training package on Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Includes information on the contents of the course in several languages.

Deep Sea Waters
Provides information on the oceans, the creatures that live there, deep sea exploration and research.

Guide to seabed samples from the ocean basins and European continental waters, held at European institutions.

EUCC Coastal Guide
An information service of the EUCC and Coastinfo International, aimed at professionals in coastal management, planning, conservation and research in Europe.

European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology
The EurOcean Internet portal is a focal point of information for all actors with interest in marine science and technology. It provides information in three main domains: marine research infrastructures, national and European RTD programmes.

Resource database for Gulf of Mexico research. It includes research institutions, researchers, research projects, and other information about the Gulf, from the U.S., Mexico, and Cuba.

Indian Ocean Oceanography and Climatology Gateway
Extensive links to Indian Ocean resources, bibliography, and FAQ.

International Earth Rotation & Reference Systems Service
The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory IERS Special Bureau for the Oceans collects, calculates, analyzes, archives, and distributes data relating to non-tidal changes in oceanic processes affecting the Earth's rotation, deformation, gravitational field, and geocenter.

Marine Information Service (MARIS)
Organisation based in the Netherlands that provides systems and projects for information and data related to the sea. Explore current and planned projects.

Marine Science and
Gateway to a variety of marine information, data, products, services, careers and advice.

Marine and Maritime Studies
Links to National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council online reports and report summaries on ocean-related topics.

Mediterranean Oceanic Data Base (MODB)
Delivers advanced data products for oceanographic research in the Mediterranean Sea. Software products for data analysis and visualization are also made available for distribution within the scientific community.

NOAA Education Resource Collection
Provides online resources for learning about the world of water.

NOAA Ocean Explorer
An educational internet offering for all who wish to learn about, discover, and virtually explore the ocean realm.

NOAA's Coral Reef Information System
Designed to be a single point of access to NOAA coral reef information and data products, especially those derived from NOAA's Coral Reef Initiative Program. CoRIS will evolve and grow in the months ahead to encompass an ever widening array of product and information offerings.

Norwegian Marine Fauna
Site contains more than 300 underwater wildlife photos of marine animals taken around the Norwegian coast.

Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS)
An on-line, open-access, globally-distributed network of systematic, ecological, and environmental information systems. Collectively, these systems operate as a dynamic, global digital atlas to communicate biological information about the worlds oceans.

Oceanography SA
Provides marine news and business information for people involved in oceanography, metocean activities and marine science in South Africa.

PBS Online: Savage Seas
Offers a collection of informative pieces and activities centered around the world's oceans. Divided into four principal sections, each of which features an article, brief sidebars, video clips, and in some cases, animations.

Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level
The global data bank for long term sea level change information from tide gauges.

Portal Oceanico
The gateway for all the information related to oceans in Caribbean and South America regions

Reef Base: a global information system on coral reefs.
Reef Base is an online information system on coral reefs designed to provide relevant data and information to reef managers and scientists, as well as the general public.

Satellite Oceanography Laboratory
Aims to promote satellite oceanography as an essential tool to study large to meso scale dynamical features in the South Atlantic Ocean. Includes articles, data and course materials. In Portuguese and English.

Scripps Institution of Oceanography News
Scripps Institution of Oceanography today is world renowned for its preeminence in scientific disciplines relating to biology, physics, chemistry, climatology, geosciences, and geophysics

Sea Friends Oceanography
A complete tutorial about atmosphere, climate, waves, currents, tides, beaches, sediment transport, storms, tsunamis.

Sonia's Oceanographic Lessons
Familiarize yourself with the Antarctic marine ecosystem, hydrothermal vent communities and eelgrass habitats. The site contains lesson information, resource links, a student activity, and a self grading test with detailed answer sheet and remedial links, to help students assess their knowledge.

Tides Online
Provides users with immediate graphical and tabular water level and meteorological data from U.S. National Ocean Service water level stations located along the projected path of severe storms such as hurricanes.

UK Tide Gauge Network
Access to the UK Tide Gauge Network data holdings maintained at the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC).

United Kingdom Marine Environment Data Network (UKMED)
Develops, coordinates, maintains, and makes available inventories of marine data; develops guidelines for oceanographic data management; improves mechanisms to facilitate data exchange and the availability of this data for research and wealth creation.

Victoria Experimental Network Under the Sea (VENUS)
A cabled ocean observatory designed as an undersea laboratory for ocean researchers, led by the University of Victoria, BC, Canada. View real time data plots and image and video archives.