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Central Wales Ore Minerals
A virtual atlas from an ore-petrologist studying the Central Wales polymetallic vein mineralisation.

Desert Environment, Minerals & Geology - DesertUSA
About the geology of the North America deserts, including the formations, rocks, gems and minerals found there.

Early Cretaceous Tethyan Stratigraphy
The broad objective is to build up a detailed knowledge of the Early Cretaceous stratigraphy in the Tethyan realm. The approach will be systematic through the integration of basin reference sections, basin or platform control sections, biostratigraphic data, and sequence stratigraphy.

Geologic Map of the United States
1:2,500,000 scale map viewable in Google Earth. Also provides aeronautical charts and historic topographic maps.

Geology Adirondacks Wyoming White Sands
Pictures and descriptions of geology field trips to various places around the United States.

Geology by Lightplane
Louis Maher's air photos of landforms and geologic features of several parts of the U.S., taken from a small aircraft in 1966.

Grand Canyon 3-D Tour
Three-dimensional geologic tour of the Grand Canyon with computer generated aerial pictures every 4 miles for the entire canyon used to illustrate the geologic narrative.

Mono Lake: Great Basin Edge
Information on Mono Lake, California. Includes volcanic history, formation of tufa, and other information on the lake and its environs.

Tibet: A Virtual Field Trip
A virtual geological field trip (1996) along the eastern margin and across the Tibetan Plateau. Also includes information about culture and politics.

USGS National Geologic Map Database
Searchable catalog of paper and digital geologic maps, mostly for the U.S. Maps and related data cover: geology, hazards, earth resources, geophysics, geochemistry, geochronology, paleontology, and marine geology.