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Abell Group
Research interests cover pantothenate biosynthesis and chemistry and enzymology of the shikimate pathway. Includes research profile, group members publications list and contact details.

Adronov Group
Research interests include the synthesis of novel polymer architectures, functionalization of carbon nanotubes and supramolecular polymer chemistry. Includes research interests, a publications list, group news, group members and contact information and a links page.

Ananikov Research Group
Physical and organic chemistry group with research interests broadly divided into catalysis and organic synthesis, theoretical calculations and development of experimental techniques in NMR. Includes a research overview, a list of publications and a list of group members.

Baiker Group
Research lies in heterogeneous catalysis for fine chemical synthesis. News and events, group lists, publications and research overviews are available as well as positions vacant and a page of relevant links.

Bernstein Group
Research interests include the study of intermolecular interactions and their effects on molecular properties and behavior. Research interests are outlined along with a publications list, a group member list is also available. There is also a list of links to pages within the institution and details of job application procedure.

Bertozzi Group
Bioorganic chemistry group with interests in cell adhesion and cell surface recognition. A biography of Carolyn Bertozzi is presented along with a publications list. A detailed discussion of research interests is available along with group lists and photo gallery.

Bluemel Group
The research covers immobilization of catalysts with phosphine linkers, surface organometallic chemistry and solid-state NMR spectroscopy. A C.V of Janet Bluemel along with a publications list and a detailed presentation of research interests is given.

Bowser Group
Biotechnology laboratory specializing in bioanalytical chemistry, specifically neuromessenger monitoring and in-vitro evolution of functional biomolecules. A list of people and contact information is available along with a list of publications.

CaRLa - Catalysis Research Laboratory
BASF supported research laboratory at university of Heidelberg. Research is conducted into a wide array of catalysis based applications. A large team of researchers are listed along with an overview of research conducted within the laboratory.

Chemometrics Group Silesia
Research is carried out in many areas of chemometrics including signal processing and data mining. This research is both fundamental and applied with applications in analytical chemistry including spectroscopy and chromatography. Includes Research topics, publications and group lists. A range of software developed by the group is available for download.

Dalton Group
Interdisciplinary research into materials chemistry with specific emphasis on electronic, electro-optic, and nonlinear optical materials along with nanoscale materials and nanoconstruction. A detailed research profile is available along with a full list of publications.

Davis Group
Synthetic methodology. Molecular recognition. Supramolecular chemistry. Catalysis. Computer-aided molecular design.

Deiters Group
Biological Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry, DNA and RNA Chemistry, Photochemistry.

DiSalvo Group
Extended solids based on metal clusters. Chemistry of ternary nitrides. Thermoelectric coolers.

Dmochowski Group
Biochemical and chemical biology group developing small molecules, proteins and spectroscopic techniques for studying complex biomolecular systems.

Dupas Group
Synthesis of biomimetic models of NADH and the molecular recognition of acids and amines.

Dutta Research Group
Harsh environment sensor development, synthesis and photochemistry of microporous materials and atmospheric particle toxicity.

Griesbeck Group
Photooxygenation of organic compounds. Photocycloaddition reactions: stereoselectivity and spinselectivity. Photodecarboxylation, photoisomerization, and photocyclization reactions of imides. Photochemical macrocyclization reactions. New photochemical reactors and technologies.

Grinstaff Group
Novel biomaterials.

Hamers Group
Interfacial architecture.

Hartgerink Group
Supramolecular chemistry. Autowiring nanocircuits. Self-assemblying ECM. Biomineralization.

Hilvert Group
Chemical biology.

Huhnerfuss Group
Ecotoxicology, biota-analysis, water-analysis, sediment-analysis, remote sensing, and Langmuir monolayer.

Institute for Computational and Molecular Science Temple University
Computational chemistry group Temple University headed by Prof. Michael L. Klein.

Jaekle Group
Research onorganometallic and polymer chemistry, lists group members, publications and recent collaborations.

Janda Group
Understanding molecules, clusters, liquids and solids from the most fundamental point of view and applying this to the problem of gas hydrates.

Jin Group
Materials chemistry research, with a focus on nano-scale materials.

Joullie Group
Organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry and natural product at The University of Pennsylvania.

Laboratory of Biotransformation
Integrates both chemical and biological disciplines, including chemical modifications and biotransformations.

Laser Flash Photolysis Group
Reactive organic intermediates in solid state (zeolites) and solution systems. Physical bio-organic chemistry and the examination of enzyme active-site/reactive-intermediate complexes.

Liquid Crystal Group Hamburg
Chiral liquid crystals, organic materials and glycolipids. Access to LiqCryst database.

Matyjaszewski Group
Atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) and other methods of controlled radical polymerization (CRP).

McDevitt Group
Development of microchip sensors suitable for detection / quantification of acids, bases, salts, sugars, proteins, viruses, and DNA oligomers.

Meier Group
Renewable raw materials. Fats and oils. Polymers. Block-polymers. Living/controlled polymerization. Metathesis. Catalysis. Mass-spectrometry

Meyer Group
Supramolecular, organometallic and bioinorganic chemistry.

NIBIB: Radiochemistry Group
Researching biomedical applications of compounds labeled with the stable isotopes 2H, 13C, 15N, 17O and 18O.

Palczewski Group
Lists current and former members, positions available, and contact information.

Rienstra Group
Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, methods and applications to biomolecular structure determination.

Roper Group
Microfluidic and bioanalytical chemistry.

Ross Group
Medicinal chemistry and drug delivery, focused on the development of drugs and delivery systems for the treatment of central nervous system (CNS) diseases. Development of novel prodrug linkages and the use of prodrugs to improve drug bioavailability and targeting.

Schrock Group
Synthetic and mechanistic organotransition metal. Inorganic chemistry. Catalysis. Polymers.

Shevelkov Group
Synthesis, crystal and electronic structure, and properties of solid state supramolecular and cluster compounds.

Strouse Group
Integrated design and optical spectroscopy of nanometer-scale materials.

Taton Group
Nanobiotechnology: hybrid materials from nanoscale objects and biomolecules. Nanotube composites: aligning soft mesophases with hard nanostructures. Novel bioanalytical methods using nanoparticle-based materials.

The Grela's Group
Organometallic reactions and metathesies and their use in organic synthesis of natural products and pharmaceutically relevant compounds.

Theoretical Study of Reaction Mechanisms
Investigation of reaction mechanisms by non-empirical quantum mechanical methods.

Volkmer Group
Biomimetic and bioinorganic chemistry.

Whitesides Research Group
Physical and organic chemistry, materials science, biophysics, complexity, surface science, microfluidics, self-assembly, micro- and nanotechnology, science for developing economies, origin of life, and cell-surface biochemistry.

Wright Group
Design of novel solids for use as shape-selective sorbents and catalysts.