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ACS Organic Division
The Division of Organic Chemistry of the American Chemical Society. Provides important information and announcements on the divisions activities and member benefits. - Organic Chemistry
Information about the chemistry of carbon and life. Features lectures, notes, structures, and labs.

Arkat Foundation
Free ARKIVOC online journal and online education in chemistry.

Chirality and Odour Perception
Odor descriptions and molecular visualization of chiral flavor and fragrance chemicals.

CombiChem Lab
Reviews, links and news in combinatorial chemistry, high and ultra-high throughput screening, and lab automation.

Combinatorial Chemistry Notes
Short descriptions of the history and methods used in combichem as well as events and related links.

Combinatorial Chemistry Review
Provides a basic introduction to the field of combinatorial chemistry describing the development of major techniques and some applications.

Introduction to Organic Chemistry
An introduction to fundamental topics in organic chemistry, including bonding, nomenclature, stereochemistry, and conformational analysis.

Jamaican Themes for Lecture Material
The chemistry of Jamaican alumina, spices, coffee, rum, synfuel, marine natural products, and herbal remedies.

Not Voodoo
"Demystifying synthetic organic laboratory technique": tips, traps, troubleshooting, and techniques.

Provides an A-to-Z guide to the vocabulary of organic chemistry, including symbols and abbreviations.

Discussion list of nearly 500 organic chemists worldwide. Join this community or search their previous discussions by author, subject, date, or thread.

Organic Chemistry Portal
Includes a searchable literature index, named reactions and protecting groups as well as a chemical database.

Organic Name Reactions
Schematic representation of about 140 organic name reactions with references. Some of the schemes are animated.

Orthogonal Glycosylation
Presentation of the orthogonal coupling chemistry. A concept, detailed report, and slides are provided.

Provides information about scientific developments in the field of chemical processes and substance modification and seeks cooperation with others working in this field.

Portal of porphyrins and related molecules.

Wikibooks - Organic Chemistry
A user contributed resource of basic concepts and ideas in organic chemistry.