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Acorn NMR
Offers desktop NMR data processing software and operates a high resolution NMR spectroscopy service in Fremont CA. Includes the SAM manual.

Advanced Research Systems Inc.
Suppliers of Displex and Heli-tran open and closed cycle cryostats for research and development in NMR as well as other areas of low temperature research.

Cryogenic services and equipment, dewars, vessels, vacuum insulated pipe, liquid nitrogen, helium, nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Also repair services for all sorts of cryogenic equipment.

Supplier of test and field measurement equipment applying NMR methods.

GMW Associates
A supplier of magnet power supplies. These guys have some interesting magnetic field measuring devices. Magnetic and current measurement, electromagnets, control and accelerator systems (vibration measurements).

Green Imaging Technologies Inc.
Manufacturer of electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference shielding products, specializing in magnetic resonance imaging technology.

Legris fittings for air and liquid connections on your Bruker and Varian system. Connectors for compressed air and fluid applications (low and high pressure) and fittings, valves, couplers, tubes and hoses.

LipoScience, Inc.
A Medical Technology Company, uses NMR spectroscopy to measure lipoprotein subclasses in clinical blood samples.

METROLAB Instruments
NMR precision measurement and control of magnetic fields. They use teslameters, digital integrators, nmr, metrolab instruments, hall, and magnetometers to measure magnetic fields.

Microvolt Company
Instruments to measure EMI or RFI in a NMR laboratory.

Morris Instruments Inc.
Probe tuning devices, includes a RF sweeper and a built in reflection bridge. For use up to 610 MHz. It can be used to tune probes, and check other RF characteristics of components and cables

Used NMR systems and accessories for sale or auction.

NMR and MRI Companies
Directory of NMR, MRI, NQR and ESR Companies, OEM Links

Programmed Test Sources
PTS makes frequency sources. For all types of NMR systems.

Resonance Research
Magnet services, cryoshims instrumentation, cryo-power supplies, gradient coils, gradient amplifiers and magnetic field mapping.

Scan Sound Inc.
Acoustic headphones and eartips for MRI stereo sound systems help patients hear the music during their scan. Prism Glasses help overcome claustrophobia.

Spectral Data Services
In addition to providing NMR results with GLP/GMP compliance, they also can prepare protocols and study reports, provide method validations, and conduct audits and inspections.

SpinCore Technologies, Inc.
Pulse programmer board, very useful and very versatile.

XiGo Nanotools
Scientific instruments that use NMR to measure the surface area and volume fraction of concentrated nanoparticles dispersed in a liquid, with out sample preparation.
A group offering a software package and method of analysis that puports to give quantitative and qualitative information . Methodology is called qNMR.