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American Institute of Physics Center for History of Physics: The Discovery of the Electron
An exhibit with text, animations and voice about J.J. Thomson's 1897 experiments which helped bring understanding of the electron as a fundamental unit of matter.

Atom Gallery
Scanning tunneling microscopy image gallery of many metals and surfaces on an atomic scale.

An essay on diamond, prepared as molecule of the month presentation.

Gas Hydrates
Information from the Janda lab on clathrate hydrates, an ubiquitous class of crystalline inclusion compounds with nonstoichiometric composition, consisting of guest molecules trapped in a lattice of polyhedral water cages.

Inorganic Syntheses
Book published by John Wiley and Sons to provide all users of inorganic substances with detailed and foolproof procedures for the preparation of important compounds. Available to download as pdf files.

Institut für Theoretische Physik der Universität
Quasicrystals and Symmetry, a technical discussion about quasicrystals.

Information about some of the important elements in the construction of fireworks.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Particle Adventure
The fundamentals of matter and forces.

Marz Kreations Chemistry Page
An online database of experiments done by a teenager. Non-professional but instructive with many experimental examples. Hobby oriented presentation.

Quantitative Analysis of Mercury, Silver, Tin, Copper and Zinc in Dental Amalgam
The percentages of these metals left in dental amalgam are measured and Faraday's law is used to compute the release of mercury from dental amalgam due to galvanic current between gold alloy dental material and amalgam.

Quasicrystals Page
Explanation, pictures, and wallpaper of these unusual structures.

Solubility of Things
Provides information on the solubility of various types of chemical substances such as salts and alcohols, with chemical formulae and examples.