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General Chemistry Online
Rich resource for students and teachers of introductory chemistry. Includes interactive course guides and tutorials, an exam survival guide, reference tables, self-grading quizzes and exams, a searchable glossary, a question and answer board, answers to over 300 frequently asked questions, and a chemical trivia quiz.

Ace Organic
Provides live, online organic chemistry help and review seminars prior to the student's final exam. Also provides books, videos and other educational material.

Activities , Games and Quizzes in Chemistry
Learn facts about the periodic table through quiz activities and games. Identify the chemical symbol given the element name, and the element name given the chemical symbol.

The science of water and how it gets turned into pseudoscience by promoters of dubious treatment schemes.

Ask-A-Scientist Archive - Chemistry
A list of thousands of chemistry questions answered by experts from the U.S. Argonne National Laboratory.

Developed by experienced science teachers to provide free chemistry tutorials designed for high school chemistry students. An additional members-only area is available for self-tests and their answers.

Cavalcade of Chemistry
A chemistry resource for high school students, teachers, and homeschoolers. Free lesson plans (worksheets, handouts, labs) and tutorials provided.

Chem Com
Gathering place for teachers to exchange information and files with each other. All teachers are invited to upload and download information, relating to the standard eight topics.

Basics of chemistry for all ages. It has sections on atoms, matter, the periodic table, and reactions.

Chemical Educational Foundation
Educational outreach programs and chemical safety information through competitions and newsletters. Page includes list of events, publications and kids page.

Chemical Portal
Online chemistry tools, forums, unit converters, symmetry tables, periodic table and chemical constants.

Provides a web-centered learning environment for students of chemistry. Includes Powerpoint presentations and videos.

Chemistry Curriculum
Outline of high school chemistry course curriculum with links to teacher generated assignments and pertinent web sites. Intended to help students and other chemistry teachers.

Chemistry Explained
Covers chemistry, its laws, processes, applications and subdisciplines in hundreds of illustrated articles.

Chemistry Help Pages from Technical Tutoring
Help for common topics in college general chemistry.

Chemistry Study Cards
For AP and general chemistry classes, each of which covers most of a year's curriculum. Each set of cards is saved in pdf format for easy download.

Chemistry Tutoring Center at Towson University
Contains many handouts and links to other useful chemistry tutorial sources.

Chemistry of "Things Jamaican"
Lecture materials for organic, inorganic and physical chemistry courses, as well as materials on the extraction of alumina from bauxite, the chemistry of spices, fermentation, and marine natural products, from The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus.
Resources for teachers and students of chemistry including animated molecules and mole clip art.
Study material for chemistry courses. Students can place their homework help questions on the Chemistry Forum. Online tutoring available.

Comic Book Periodic Table
Comics relating or referring somehow to various elements. Also has links to scientific information for each element.

Concept-based tests for use in chemistry. Includes suggestions for how the test can best be used in the instruction of chemistry students.

Creative Chemistry
Worksheets, teachers and technicians notes for activities suitable for a Chemistry Club. Question sheets and practical guides for GCSE Chemistry. Interactive revision quizzes, puzzles and the Sc1 Tune-up Garage.

Dr. Roger Peters' AUFBAU1
Dr. R. Peters teaching resource for 14 to 16 year old chemistry students.

Educational Resources for Particle Technology
Tutorials designed to help students and industrial technologists understand powder or slurry behavior and diagnose and correct production problems.

Erik's Chemistry
A student made page with information about general chemistry, AP chemistry, organic chemistry and physical chemistry.

General Chemistry First Edition, by American Chemical Society
Designed to help students review key concepts through interactive exercises, visualization, and other learning tools. Resources are organized by chapter and by content type.

Global Instructional Chemistry
Collection of resources for supplementing chemistry lessons.

Guide to Chemistry
Discusses atoms and their components, the periodic table, its functions and the basic elements.

Haber Process
Summary of the method with diagrams and equations. The Haber Process is a method of producing ammonia developed in WWI.

How Hydrogen Peroxide Foams
Tells how and why hydrogen peroxide foams on cuts but not on skin.

How to Pass Chemistry
Advice to students on how to pass chemistry from one who has taught at the college level for many years.

Information about density determination
Get the latest information about density determination, concentration tables in EXCEL format and exchange information with other people.

Institute for Chemical Education
Established to provide a center for science educators to develop and disseminate ideas. ICE is national in scope and has led the drive to help teachers revitalize science in schools throughout the United States.

Instructional Resources for Chemistry
Annotated links to instructional materials and other resources of interest to chemistry teachers and course designers, carefully selected to represent what the author (a chemistry professor) considers to be the most useful and exemplary resources. Special emphasis is placed on CAI lessons, digital text, Web-based tutorials and similar materials that can serve as alternatives to traditional methods of instruction.

It's Elemental
Review the elements with flash cards. [Requires Javascript]

Kiwi Web
Search engine for chemistry sites for children and young adults. Includes information about New Zealand, and a stain removal guide as well as more general chemistry information.

KryssTal Chemistry
Essays on chemistry topics.

National Mole Day
Celebrated annually on October 23, Mole Day commemorates Avogadro's Number (6.02 x 10^23), which is a basic measuring unit in chemistry. Mole Day was created as a way to foster interest in chemistry.

Organic Chemistry Tutor
Gives a brief but comprehensible introduction to organic chemistry.

Organic Reaction Quizzes and Summaries
Designed to assist organic chemistry students in the review of the basic reactions.

Osmosis, Reverse Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure
Short article on osmosis.

Petrochemistry Europe
Educational site with tutorials explaining petrochemistry and steps taken to produce petrochemicals. Also includes industry statistics and product applications.

Stu's Guide to Atoms
Educational site on the subject of atoms; an overview, history, and atomic structure.

Student Affiliates of the ACS, Towson University Chapter
A group of chemistry major, minors, pre-med, pre-den, students and anyone else interested in chemistry at Towson University. This site has links to activities, meeting times, and a message bord for students of Towson University Chemistry classes.

The ChemCollective
A collection of virtual labs, scenario-based learning activities, and concepts tests which can be incorporated into a variety of teaching approaches as pre-labs, alternatives to textbook homework, and in-class activities for individuals or teams. It is organized by a group of faculty and staff at Carnegie Mellon University.

The Chemistry Site
Offering tutorials and interactive tests for collegiate introductory level chemistry as well as AP Chem.

The Chemogenesis Web Book
Explores the science between the periodic table and the established disciplines of inorganic and organic chemistry.

The Culture of Chemistry
"The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Chemistry". Weblog by Michelle Francl.

The Lab of Shakhashiri
Chemistry professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri shares the fun of science through home science activities, demonstration shows, videos and books.

The Third Millennium Online - Chemistry
Online textbook, lab activities, detailed information on selected topics, history sections including timelines and brief biographies.

The Vespiary
Aims to spread, produce, and confirm information about the synthesis, extraction, sources and biological activity of various chemicals. Includes a forum and members' pages.

The Wright Stuff Science Section
General science help and links, with tutorials on chemistry topics at introductory and advanced levels. Links to science news feeds.

Topics in Quantitative Chemical Analysis
Course notes for Chemistry 230 at California State University, Dominguez Hills.