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American Institute of Biological Sciences
AIBS is a nonprofit scientific association dedicated to advancing biological research and education. It holds meetings and symposia, makes awards and publishes the monthly journal, Bioscience.

American Society for Genomic Medicine
Aims to promote and spread knowledge of research achievements in genomic medicine and pharmacogenomics worldwide. Provides information on world congresses and on membership.

American Society of Naturalists
The Society aims to advance and spread knowledge of organic evolution and other broad biological principles. Provides information on the society, awards, membership, meetings and the journal, the American Naturalist.

Australian Institute of Biology
Organisation aiming to promote education and research in biology. Holds events and symposia and produces a newsletter.

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)
A coalition of independent member societies that serve the interests of biomedical and life scientists, particularly those related to public policy issues.

International Biometric Society
IBS promotes the development and application of statistical and mathematical theory and methods in the biosciences. Provides details of the society, its conferences, educational programs and publications.

International Organization of Plant Biosystematists
Special interest group of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy. Includes information on chromosome data, symposia and the newsletter.

International Society for Diatom Research
Promotes diatom studies throughout the world, publishes the journal Diatom Research. Information about the organization and internet links.

International Union of Biological Science
Presentation of the goal and action of this organization, its publications, news, annual conference, and scientific program.

LifeScience Alley
Non-profit trade association whose mission is to enable business success in the life sciences through leadership, collaboration, innovation, advocacy and education.

Pan-American Aerobiology Association
Organized to support research on the sources, dispersal, and deposition of airborne biological particles such as pollen and fungal spores.

Society for Experimental Biology
Quarterly bulletin is archived on these pages, together with news and details of meetings and historical data.

Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
Non profit organization aiming to encourage the interchange of scientific information among disciplines. Includes details of awards, the journal, meetings and membership.

Swiss Society of Aerobiology
Aerobiology is the science of airborne biological organisms, their origin, transport, deposition and impact on human beings, animals or plants. The society holds meetings, provides networking opportunities and a forum.

Systematics Association
Organization open to people with interests in any branch of biology, including microbiology and palaeontology. It organizes conferences and training courses in systematics and awards grants in support of systematics research.

The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
Professional, scientific and medical society established to bring together clinical and experimental scientists involved in the study of bone and mineral metabolism. Provides information on meetings, awards and publications.

The Company of Biologists
Non-profit organization that aims to advance and promote research in all branches of biology. Journals published include: Development, the Journal of Cell Science, the Journal of Experimental Biology and Disease Models and Mechanisms.

The Linnean Society of London
Founded in 1788. Covers biology as a whole and focuses on the study of diversity, in evolution, ecology and systematics. Provides a programme of events, publications, grants and membership details.