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Bioblog by Biotunes
Aims to clarify health and environmental issues in the news today. The writer has a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

Biology and Science
Blog covering a variety of biological topics.

Biological blog.

Delivery Biology Room Daily
Blog about several areas of biology including cell biology, animal behavior, microbiology, physiology and evolution.

For the Sake of Science
Michael Hawkins writes about evolution, defending the underlying theme of all biology against creationism. Other topics include religion, astronomy, and gay rights.

Info Biotek Online
Blog by a biotechnology researcher partly in English and partly in Indonesian.

Lab Rat
A science blog that consists of biological information interspersed with details and information about the daily life of the scientist.

Cells, birds and musings from biologist Dan Rhoads.

PCR Blog: The Polymerase Chain Reaction
Reviews, new PCR technology, technical tips and advice, troubleshooting and information on the polymerase chain reaction.

Scientific Chick
Blog with insights into the latest research in the world of life sciences.

Synthetic Biology and Gene Synthesis
Blog on gene synthesis and synthetic biology news.

The Loom
Commentary and edification on evolution, biology and more by science author Carl Zimmer.

Why Evolution is True
Biology professor Jerry Coyne and author of "Why Evolution is True" writes on topics including evolution research and creationism.