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All the Virology on the WWW
Links to virology information, collection of virus pictures, virology bookshop, jobs, and course notes.

A New Germ Theory
The dictates of evolution virtually demand that the causes of some of humanity's chronic and most baffling "noninfectious" illnesses will turn out to be pathogens -- that is the radical view of a prominent evolutionary biologist.

American Society for Virology
A forum for investigators of human, animal, insect, plant, fungal and bacterial viruses in areas such as clinical, ecological, biological or biochemical research.

Antiviral Intelistrat
Database of antiviral drugs and vaccines. It regroups over 1700 product files containing detailed information on compounds and vaccines related to the prevention or treatment of viral diseases. Subscription needed.
Technical knowledge, information, newsgroup, helpful in using the Baculovirus expression vector system and insect cell expression.

Blogging for Bacteriophages
Blog by Tim Sampson who takes a look at recent developments in the world of microbiology.

Chicken Flu: Recombinant Genes on the Loose
Information regarding viral genes, replication, and strain evolution. Written in 1997 but updated in 2005.

EVA: European Virus Archive
Project aiming to create a European network of high calibre laboratories with the expertise to collect, amplify, characterise, standardise, authenticate, distribute and track all viruses.

HIV Sequence Database
Collection HIV and related genetic sequence data and computer analyses - from the Los Alamos Natl. Lab.

Medical Virology
Scientific findings, clinical therapies research, and public health aspects on viruses of medical importance.

Information from Wikipedia on these negative-sense single-stranded RNA viruses, responsible for a number of human and animal diseases, including their taxonomy, morphology and pathogenesis.

Poxvirus Bioinformatics Resource
The Poxvirus Bioinformatics Resource Center has been established to provide resources to the scientific community for basic research and to facilitate the development of novel antiviral therapies and vaccines against human orthopoxvirus infections as well as approaches for environmental detection of virions and the rapid diagnosis of disease.

A peer reviewed journal that publishes reviews and original research on retroviruses.

Seminars in Virology
Review journal dedicated to keeping scientists informed of developments in the field of virology on a topic by topic basis.

The Molecules of HIV
The life cycle, immune response, and schematic diagram of the human immuno-deficiency virus.

The Phage Phorum
A place to find general information regarding biophages and an open discussion of topics related to biophages.

Veterinary Virology
Lecture presentation on the replication of viruses within animals cells.

Viral Replication
Information from Wikipedia on the attachment, entry, and expression of viral genomic material in host cells.

Viral Replication
Description of the hepatitis virus replication process.

This journal publishes the results of basic research in all branches of virology, including the viruses of vertebrates and invertebrates, plants, bacteria, and yeasts/fungi.