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13th International Conference on Invertebrate Dioxygen Binding Proteins
Contains topics, program, registration form and venue details. Mainz, Germany.

15th EMBL PhD Symposium: Competition in Biology
The race for survival from molecules to systems. Programme, speakers, and general information. EMBL Heidelberg, Germany.

2012 International Symposium on Integrative Bioinformatics
Contains programs and general information. Hangzhou, China.

2nd International Conference on Systems Biology
Application of experimental, theoretical and modeling techniques to the study of biological organisms at all scales. Keynote speakers, schedule, presentation guidelines, registration form, and travel information. Pasadena, California, U.S.

BCF Event
Career event for students and graduates in life sciences, chemistry, food and pharma to be held in the Netherlands. English and Dutch.

BioVision: World Life Sciences Forum
Annual event dedicated to linking life sciences with news, society and industry. Contains newsletters and details about upcoming and previous conferences.

Biomag 2010
Conference on biomagnetism, for the exchange of ideas and the latest developments in instrumentation, modeling approaches, basic and clinical biomedical studies. Dubrovnik, Croatia.

All biology meetings categorized and up to date sorted by topic and location.

Conferences and Courses at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Calendar of events at EMBL.

Digifish: Digital imaging in fisheries
Programme and other related information. Pisek, Czech Republic.

Contains upcoming symposia. Heidelberg, Germany.

International Conference on Membrane Domains
Contains program, abstracts and general information. Dijon, France.

Keystone Symposia Scientific Conferences
Organizes molecular and cellular biology meetings in Alberta, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, U.S. Contains list of symposia with scientific programs, registration and abstract submission forms.

New Horizons in Toxicity Prediction
Symposium to be held in Cambridge exploring various current approaches to toxicity prediction, covering and comparing the tools and methods available today and looking at emerging areas and technologies.

Spatial 2011: Conference on Systems Dynamics of Intracellular Communication
An EMBO conference series. Program, speakers, registration and other information. Engelberg, Switzerland.

Structure and Function of Neural Circuits
Understanding the complexity and functional composition of cellular and synaptic networks in the nervous system is a major challenge in neurobiology. Heidelberg, Germany.

Workshop on Computational Biology
Workshop on advanced methods in computational biology ranging from molecules to ecosystems with a particular focus on metagenomics. Cancun, Mexico.