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Lectures notes on Biogeography by David A. Fitch of New York University.

Biogeography Specialty Group
Formed to promote interaction among biogeographers, stimulate active research and teaching development in biogeography and facilitate the exchange of ideas.

Early Classics in Biogeography, Distribution, and Diversity Studies: To 1950
A bibliography of historical sources in biogeography and related fields, with links to biographical information and the full text of many of the sources.

Evolution and Population Genetics
Doug Taylor's research group at the University of Virginia is conducting research into plant reproductive systems to address broader evolutionary issues and using invasive species as models for the evolution of geographic range expansion.

The Humboldt Digital Library
Ongoing research project to preserve the legacy of Alexander von Humboldt in an online information system. He was a naturalist and explorer and laid the foundation of the field of biogeography.

UCSB Biogeography Lab
Established to conduct basic and applied research on the ecology, distribution and conservation status of species and ecosystems with the aid of geographic information systems and remote sensing.