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Field Studies of Seed Biology
Abstract on land management, linking to PDF of handbook from the forest science program, published by the British Columbia Ministry of Forests.

IJBP Seed Biology Laboratory
Research on biosynthesis and role of abscisic acid in physiology, metabolism and maturation of the seed, identification of genes involved in germination control, and development in Arabidopsis. Administered by INRA at Versailles, France.

Laboratory of Bob Goldberg: Seed Institute
Multi-campus organization coordinated, with databases maintained at the Department of Molecular, Cell, Developmental Biology, University of California, Los Angeles.

Seed Biology
Details of program and research at the Department of Horticulture and Crop Science, The Ohio State University.

Seed Proteome
Provides information on a proteomic study of Arabidopsis thaliana covering the biochemical and genetic mechanisms that control seed dormancy and seed longevity, and that regulate the transition from quiescence to highly active metabolism during germination and seedling establishment.

Seed Science Research
Official journal of the International Society for Seed Science, publishing original papers and review articles on the physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and ecology of seeds.

University of Kentucky: Seed Biology
Degree programs and research on physiology of germination, dormancy, molecular genetics for applications in horticulture and agriculture. Includes dissertation list, and overview of the faculty at Lexington.