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365 Days of Astronomy
Project to provide an astronomy podcast every day of the year, written, recorded and produced by people around the world.

Amateur Astronomy and Space Website
Images, CCD information, buy and sell, and links.

Astro World
Provides studies, images, movies, and equations.

Astronomical Observatory
Visual and CCD photomety, including classic and digital astrophotography. Presents equipment and resources. Located near Plomin in eastern Istria, Croatia.

Astronomy Awards
Supporting the hobby related web sites throughout world.

Astronomy Boy
Getting started, CG-5 mount, SAA 100 list, constellation portraits, barn door tracker, comet Hale Bopp, homemade eyepieces, EQ mount tutorial, millennium rant, and biography, home.

Astronomy Cast
Weekly podcast providing discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology.

Provides news, articles and resources updated daily.

Astroscopic Labs
Includes galleries, equipment reviews, articles, observation planning, and links.

Backyard Astronomer
Contains sections for equipment, the beginner, books, the solar system and deep sky, web log, and links.

Backyard Astronomy with Paul Mortfield
Photo gallery, discoveries, details about personal observatory, and chart of large solar flare activity.

Clear Skies On Demand
An online astronomy journal by Math Heijen, backyard astronomer from the Netherlands. Observing logs from Sun, Moon and Deepsky, digital lunar and solar images, equipment reviews, links, books etc. Articles about the Sun, Moon and Deepsky.

Digital Astronomy Gallery
Images, star enhancement processing, equipment information, and what's new.

Eagles Eye on the Sky
Monthly guide to what's up in the sky.

Rick Costello Space Art Paintings
Gallery, about the artist, and essays.

Offers space, astronomy and technology content, including information, education, entertainment and business news.

Space and
Contains current space news, useful astronomical utilities and information, and amateur images. Includes clickable Messier and Caldwell object tables.

Star Stryder
Blogging the sky one sidereal day at a time.

Equipment, astrophotography, terms, forum, photo archives, chat, and links.

Stargazing Network
What's new, mini-FAQ, and table of contents.

Summer Stargazing - Night Sky in the Northern Hemisphere
An article written by Philip Harrington.

Sundial, Calendar and Khmer Temples
Experimental astronomy applied on research of solar orientation of the temples in SE-Asia.

The Astro Pages
Astrophotos, articles, discussion boards, telescope making, observer's logs, and calendar.

The Astronomy Cafe
The menu is appetizers, specials, and main course.

The Edge of Nowhere
Images, events, news, information, games, awards, and links.

The Silicon Sky
Project links, weather, comet observing, interest links, minor planets, and resources.

Urban Astronomer
Practical and educational articles to help the urban and armchair astronomer get the most out of the hobby.