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Feral Children
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Mysterious People
Biographical articles about several well-known mysterious or unusual people.

Orffyreus and his Perpetual Motion Machines
Information on the life and works of Orffyreus (1680-1745). Eminent scientists who examined his perpetual motion machines considered them a genuine work of extraordinary ingenuity.

The Charlotte King Effect
A woman who claims to be able to predict volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Her story, references and an email alert subscription form.

Weird Science: Electric People
Stories from surfers who claim to cause devices to malfunction.

e-Telescope: Kaspar Hauser: Wild Child of Europe
The story of a young man found on the streets of Nuremberg in 1828.

e-Telescope: The Man Behind the Iron Mask
On November 19, 1703, a man who had spent 40 years of his life in several prisons throughout France was buried in Bastille’s Saint Paul Cemetery, but his name was never revealed. Article by Kostas Delimpasis.