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Acres U.S.A.
Monthly magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable agriculture.

Core Organic
Coordination of European transnational research in organic food and farming.

Core Organic 2
Information about the European transnational research cooperation project supported by the European Commission. This project runs for three years, 2010-2013 and is coordinated by ICROFS.

Cyber-Help for Organic Farmers
Information and advice on production, growing, marketing and certification of vegetables, grains, livestock, greenhouses and seeds.

Ecocert India
Inspection and certification agency for organic, fair trade and good agricultural practices (GAP) standards. Provides information on certification, standards, news and career opportunities.

European Action Plan for Organic Food and Farming
The project and its partners are introduced, subscription of a newsletter is possible and the national action plans are described.

European Consortium for Organic Animal Breeding (ECO-AB)
It aims to promote organic agriculture through animal breeding based on the standards and principles of organic farming and directed at the needs of organic farming systems.

Independent international certification agency for Fairtrade production processes and products. English and Spanish.

Farmers Can Be Heroes
The Rodale Institute offers a free online course for conventional farmers who want to transition to organic and provides information for consumers to help promote organic farming.

Independent, non-profit, research institute for advancing cutting-edge science in the field of organic agriculture. Works with farmers to boost agricultural productivity while considering environmental, health and socio-economic impacts. Provides ractical research, advisory work, training and conferences. Offices worldwide. [English,French,German,Italian]

Live Earth Products
Producers of humates derived from humic shale. Information about marketing the material, and its benefits.

Manas Rural Development Institute
Indian sustainable community development program designed to encourage the production of healthy organic food with eco-friendly and sustainable conservation practices, based on the ancient science of Vedas.

Nojoqui Farms
Southern California growers of organic vegetables explain the benefits and techniques of organic growing in words and photos.

World wide operating certification agency for organic manufacturing standards, programs and regulations. Provides links to related sites.

Organic Agriculture
A resource for farmers and others seeking reliable information on organic agriculture, published research results, farmer experiences and certification.

Organic Agriculture Information Access
A collection of historic USDA publications related to organic agriculture, published before 1942.

Organic Agriculture at FAO
Provides information on organic agriculture such as work objectives, documents and publications.

Organic Certifiers
Providing certification of organic quality to grower or farmer.

Organic Eprints
Open access archive for papers related to research in organic agriculture.

Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd
Certification and inspection body for the production and processing of organic food in the UK. Technical information, news and events.

Organic Farming
The European Commission provides information to increase awareness of organic farming among consumers in the EU and resources and information for organic producers.

Organic Inputs Evaluation
The objective of the project is to develop recommendations for harmonized and standardized procedures for the evaluation of plant protection products, as well as for fertilizers and soil conditioners authorized for use in organic agriculture according to Council Regulation 2092/91.

Organic Standards
Databae with full texts of various international standards for the production of organic products.

Organic Trade Association: Organic Is Worth It
The OTA’s mission is to promote and protect organic trade, to benefit the environment, farmers, the public and the economy.

Organic Uttarakhand
The Uttarakhand Organic Commodity Board aims to encourage organic activities in agriculture, horticulture and animal husbandry throughout the state.
Danish organic food and farming network. News, companies, facts and organizations.

Provides a searchable database of available organic seeds, vegetative propagation material and seed potatoes for the UK.

Organics: The Blurred Vision of ABC's 20/20
J. Robert Hatherill and Jeff Nelson expose the way that chemical companies use major media outlets to scare the public about the alleged "dangers" of organic foods.

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
Supplies tools, equipment, and goods to organic gardeners and farmers.

Pig Health: Organic Farming
Articles on organic bacon, pork and pigmeat production in United Kingdom, Europe and the USA.

Quality Assurance International Organic Certification
A private, professional service corporation developed for the purpose of verifying the authenticity of food, fiber and other products which are organically grown under a management policy of sustainable agriculture.

Quavera alliance
The alliance of certification bodies displays its portfolio of services and the members.

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL)
Swiss based coordinating group of researchers for organic agriculture in Europe. Details of research, publications, services and training.

Stockfree Organic Services
Provides information on organic farming without livestock. A panel of experienced farmers and growers offer to answer questions and discuss any issues on this subject.

TP Organics
Technology Research Platform for organic food and farming. It integrates views of the organic sector and civil society to represent a broad perspective on research and development priorities that can leverage organic food and farming’s potential to address contemporary challenges. As other European Technology Platforms (ETP) it plays a key role in highlighting where the focus of research and development funding should be placed.

The Organic Center
Peer-reviewed scientific studies on the benefits of organic farming.

Tiny Farm Blog
Daily photo journal of work on a small-scale certified organic vegetable farm growing for the local food market.