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Access To Land
The network brings together grassroots organisations from across Europe to share experiences and promote the significance of access to land for agroecological transition and generational renewal.

Agricultural Chemicals and the Soil
Provides information on the problem of agricultural chemicals in soil, and the designing of ecologically sound management strategies for dealing with non-productive soils, pests and diseases.

California Soil Resource Laboratory
Research covers many aspects of soil science including soil genesis and morphology, water quality and constructed wetlands, soil-landform relationships and modeling, watershed-scale soil survey studies and the production of an online soil survey.

Composting and Soils
Basic information on how to produce and use compost, building compost and worm bins and improving soil health.

Crop and Soil Management
From Penn State University. Includes chapters on soil management and fertility.

European Soil Data Center
Portal providing data and information on soils at European level.

Eurosoil 2004
Conference (September 4 - 12, 2004) for soil scientists and practitioners from all to discuss the part played by soils in terrestrial ecosystems. Information about conference aims, details of program, excursions and symposia. Details on fees, accommodation and organization.

Formerly known as Rothamsted Experimental Station; the main site of the Institute of Arable Crops Research. Resources, details of research, and information for the lay public.

ISRIC - World Soil Information
This is the World Data Center for Soils. Responsible for collecting, archiving, and distributing data and research information.

Nutrient Content of Crops
Provides a software tool that estimates nutrients removed from the soil by different crops.

Educative information about what soil is, how it is formed and how it is lost. Focus on soil conservation and soil ecology.

Soil Biological Communities
Educational site describing soil and the life forms in it. basic introduction to the soil making process. Special pages for Kids.

Soil Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire
Course syllabus, goals and expectations.

Soil Management
Indian Agricultural Resources Portal for farmers and experts in soil management.

Soil Physics and Soil Hydrology Program
Details of courses, research and faculty at The Laboratory of Soil Physics and Soil Hydrology, University of Tokyo.

Soil Science Education
Aims to foster awareness about soil and its importance to life. With practical and illustrated soil science activities for school children.

Soil Water Management
Factsheets, publications about irrigation, drainage and erosion control from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

Photographic image collection and archive of soils around the world classified by categories and provided by the National Soil Resources Institute (Cranfield University) and the British Society of Soil Science.

Soils Education and Research
Mississippi State University. Introduction to fundamental properties of soils, soil fertility and fertilization, as well as soil management and conservation.

Soils Online
Categorized list of links to online soil science resources.

Soils of Arid Regions of the United States and Israel
Papers on soils of arid regions, how they develop, and how they are classified, with copies in Hebrew. In addition, there is a book chapter on managing soils for sustainable land use and a glossary of terms. Links to other sites with soils information. Lists of soil surveys for the United States.

Test Methods for the Examination of Composting and Compost
Scientifically based laboratory manual that addresses all major composting parameters. Includes test methods and sample preparation protocols for the analysis of all compost types, including MSW, yard waste, and biosolids composts.

The National Soil Tilth Laboratory
USDA organization with mission to develop, evaluate, and promote management practices that enhance surface and ground water quality while conserving soil and water resources. Site has software, selected publications, staff directory, and information on current research.

Understanding the Soil Processes
Describes the biological and chemical processes of soil formation in simple terms.