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Seed Testing
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Agdia Inc.
Offers test kits, reagents and laboratory testing services to detect plant pathogens. USA.

Provides an all-inclusive package solution needed to implement, manage and maintain a system for permanent identification and traceability of agri-food products.

Agri-Traçabilité Québec inc.
Manages the permanent identification and traceability system for agri-food products operated in Quebec and offers services in permanent identification and traceability. French and English.

Agricultural Research Service Information
Images of plants and animals, pests and diseases, crops.

Agvise Laboratories
Offers testing services for soils, water, and plant tissue. Website has a number of technical and informative articles on soil. United States.

Dynamax, Inc.
Provides instruments for growers, including sap flow sensors, irrigation controls, soil moisture sensors, photosynthesis, phytoremediation and plant water relations measuring equipment. US.
Provides software to enable farmers, ranchers and land managers to accurately make farm maps.

Indo Exports
Indian company involved in research, development and export of oil seeds, propagation material and other seeds. Also provides consultancy services.

Provides food and provisions for animals in research settings.

Measure Instruments: Measurement and Control
Moisture and temperature meters for grains, cereals, hay bales, feed, forage and soils including monitors to measure moisture of products in continuous processes.

Pocket Diagnostic
Provides test kits for the field diagnosis of plant diseases. These are easy to use, rapid test kits for diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses in plants.

Offers plant strengtheners and soil additives including mycorrhiza fungi and biological seed treatments. Also offers analytical services for plant and soil samples.

TerraMetrics Agriculture, Inc.
Develops models to determine crop yields from remotely sensed data, to monitor vegetation condition and model crop yields. Kansas, USA.

Versuchswesen Pflanzenschutz
Private company that carries out contract research into development of new crops and agricultural products. Details of past work and facilities.