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Acute Oak Decline
Ash Dieback
Dendroctonus - Pine Bark Beetles
Oak Processionary Moth
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Asian Longhorned Beetle
Brief account of the introduction of this Chinese insect into North America, and with a list of the affected species.

Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle
Brief account of this pest of spruce trees, its growth, and means of control.

Emerald Ash Borer
News and information about the tree pest, including tree treatment options, removal and replacement.

Focus on Woody Plant Diseases
Information by host plant on diseases and damages affecting trees and perennial flowers from the University of Illinois Extension.

Forest and Shade Tree Pathology
Online textbook, news and upcoming meetings of forest pathology.

Forestry Images
Quality photographs of forest insects and disease organisms. Contains image search or browse by categories.

Fytofarm Ltd.
Company providing bark beetle control systems and researching insect aggregation pheromones.

Gypsy Moth
A short account of this caterpillar pest of maples, oaks and elms.

Gypsy Moth in North America
Extensive information on the biology, impact, distribution and management of this exotic insect in North America.

Identifying and Controlling the Southern Pine Bark Beetles
Factsheet from the Mississippi State University Extension.

Invasive and Exotic Species of North America
Provides extensive information on all kinds of invasive species in North America.

Kelly Research and Outreach Lab: Sudden Oak Death
Provides information on the research and monitoring activilties of this group at the University of California, Berkeley.

Key to the Forest Insect Pests of Papua New Guinea
Allows the identification of the most important forest insect pests of Papua New Guinea and includes descriptions of insect signs, preventive measures, bibliographic references and a comprehensive glossary of terms

Saving Hemlocks
Provides information showing how the Sasi predator beetle is an effective biological control method against the hemlock woolly adelgid.

Sudden Oak Death
Provides information on research undertaken at UC Berkeley into this disease which concluded that the pathogen responsible was evolving.

Tent Caterpillars
The Eastern tent caterpillar affects black cherry trees and other fruit and shade trees. The forest tent caterpillar infests hardwood trees such as sugar maple and oak.

USDA: Forest Health Protection
Technical publications that address specific tree pests and diseases, including identification and control.

Research on aspects of fungal wilt diseases in trees.