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Amanda's Quotes and Poetry Page
Six categories plus a large collection of poetry.

Blue's Anatomy
Quotes blog.

Christine's Page of Quotes
Includes collection organized by subject.

Courtney's Favorite Quotes
A collection from movies and television, including Invader Zim, Pinky and the Brain, That 70's Show, Edward Scissorhands, The Matrix, 12 Monkeys, and The Crow.

Education Quotes
Read educational quotes by famous writers, philosophers, political leaders, and scientists throughout history.

Exclusive Love and Friendship Quotes
Mostly unattributed collection about friendship and love.

Famous Quotes and Quotations
Mainly positive and/or humorous quotes, organized by subject, suitable for speeches, cards and celebrations.

Good Quotes by Famous People
Collected by Gabe Robins over the years.

Greg's Quotes
Mostly humorous quotes from mostly unknown sources.

Kamran's Space
A little collection of quotations and short poems.

Collection of quotes on all topics.

Loving You Always -
Offers a variety of quotes on topics ranging from love to depression. Also offers music quotes.

Meggie's Favorite Quotes
Includes over 70 quotes.

My Shoebox
An ever-expanding collection of thoughts, quotes, poems, lyrics, and stories.

Odyssey's Home Page
Hundreds of quotes on being human, life, love, and soccer, organized by subject. Also includes hundreds of quotes from popular TV shows such as Ally McBeal, Dawson's Creek and My So-Called Life.

Oneliners and Proverbs
Quotes, jokes, and sayings intended to provoke laughter or deep thoughts, organized alphabetically.

Pearls of Wisdom
Offers quotes from various cultures as Pearls of Wisdom.

Prosperity & Happiness Quotes
View a random selection on every visit.

Quotations Galore!
This site is filled with quotations about women, life and success, and friendship as well as quotes from movies, poems, songs, Shakespeare and Star Trek.

Quotes and Proverbs
Read quotes and culturally diverse proverbs alphabetized by author.

Sedulia's Quotations
Quotations from the owner's commonplace book.

Sensibility, Inspiration, and Enlightenment
Multiple pages of unsorted quotations with graphics.

Shadow and Thommy's Quotations
A site dedicated to find and sharing the best quotations, whether they be famous or not, with the world.

Silver Tiger's Quotation Collection
A personal collection of quotations on various topics, including friendship, love, inspiration, knowledge, death, and nature. Browse by subjects such as literary quotations and humorous quotes.

A collection of quotes from various sources, by slothfaerie.

Symbio's Page o Witticisms
A unique assortment of never-before-seen quotations, witticisms, and proverbs.

The World We Live In, and Life In General
Collection of quotes organized by topic. Includes a large collection of historical quotes.

Wise Words
A collection of favorite quotes about life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Words To Live By
Favorite quotations on the subject of love.