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Broer Map Library
Thousands of online historic maps. Includes searchable index of historic maps on over 100 other online collections.

California State University Chico - Meriam Library Map Collection
Collection description and tour, map guides and links.

California State University Northridge - Geography Map Library
General information, collection description with sample images, and links to map resources.

Cambridge University Library: Map Department
General information and collection description.

Clark University - Guy H. Burnham Map and Aerial Photograph Library
General information, acquisitions lists, collection descriptions with sample images, and links to other sites.

Columbia University - Lehman Library - Map Collection
General information and collection guide.

Dartmouth College Library - Evans Map Room
General information.

East Carolina University - Joyner Library - Map Collection
General overview and holdings chart.

Harvard University - Map Collection
Library history, general information, an overview of map collections, and an online exhibit of Civil War map images.

Humboldt State University Library - Geospatial Resources
Collection description and map links.

Johns Hopkins University Library - Map Collection
Collection list and overview, and links to map resources.

Kent State University - Map Library
General information and policies.

Library of Congress - Geography and Map Division
History and background of the geography and map division, and reference services and guides. Includes a large, searchable collection of online North American maps in the public domain, dating from 1544 to present.

Maps, Plans and Charts
Provides access to item-level descriptions from the "old map card catalogue" of the National Archives of Canada. About 4,000 items have been digitized and may be consulted online.

McGill University Libraries - Map Collection
Collection descriptions and lists and images of early Canadian maps.

Monash University - Hargrave-Andrew Library - Map Collection
Collection lists and links to other map sites.

National Library of Australia - Map Collection
Collection overview and description, online map images, and links to Australian mapping agencies and gazetteers.

National Library of Scotland - Map Library
Collection highlights including sample historic Scottish and world map images.

Newberry Library - Cartographic Collections
Collection overview and lists of holdings.

Northern Arizona University - Cline Library - Maps
Sample images of historic maps.

Oregon State University - Valley Library - Map Room
Research guide, FAQ, and links to other map information.

Southwest Missouri State University Libraries - Maps Collection
General map information, services, and links to map sites.

Stanford University - Branner Earth Sciences Library and Map Collections
General information and links to online maps.

United States Geological Survey Library
General information, FAQ, and mapping information from "the largest earth science library in the world".

University of California Davis Library - Government Information and Maps Department
General and collection information.

University of California Riverside - Science Library - Map Collection
Brief collection description.

University of Colorado at Boulder - Map Library
General information and tour, recent acquisitions, collection descriptions, and annotated links to map resources and digital spatial data.

University of Florida Map and Imagery Library
Basic collection information and map resource links.

University of Georgia Libraries - Hargrett Library - Rare Map Collection
Online images of about 800 historical maps spanning nearly 500 years. Worldwide coverage focusing on Georgia and the surrounding region.

University of Georgia Libraries - Map Collection
Collection guide and links to online maps.

University of Iowa Libraries - Map Collection
Information and holdings list for Iowa maps.

University of Kansas - Thomas R. Smith Map Collection
Collection information with sample images and links to online map-related resources.

University of Kentucky - Margaret I. King Library - Map Collection
Information on Kentucky air photos and electronic resources.

University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries - Map Collection
Collection description, online maps and GIS data focusing on Boston and Massachusetts.

University of Melbourne Library - Map Section
Collection policy and guide, many scalable selected online index and historical maps, and map links.

University of Michigan - Map Library
General information, GIS tutorial, and links to other online resources.

University of Minnesota - John R. Borchert Map Library
Library information, collection descriptions, online atlas of Minnesota, and links to map sites.

University of Nevada Reno - Mary B. Ansari Map Library
General information and collection index.

University of New Brunswick Fredericton Libraries - Government Documents, Data and Maps Department
Basic department and collection information.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Libraries - Maps Collection
General information and collection descriptions with sample images.

University of Oregon Libraries - Map and Aerial Photography (MAP) Collection
General information, collection lists, map and GIS links.

University of South Carolina - Map Library
General information, collection description, and links to map resources.

University of Texas at Austin - Perry-Casteneda Library - Map Collection
Includes collection of online CIA and historical maps. Worldwide coverage, with a focus on United States and Texas maps. FAQ and links to maps at other sites.

University of Toronto - Map Library
General information and detailed collection lists.

University of Washington Libraries - Map Collection and Cartographic Information Services
General and GIS information, collection policy highlights, and links to other map sites.

University of Waterloo - Map and Design Library
Online tour and detailed collection information.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - American Geographical Society Library
General information, collection descriptions and lists, GIS overview, geographical bibliography, a few photographs and rare map images, and links to other cartographic sites.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - James J. Flannery Sr. Map Library
Information and news.

Western Association of Map Libraries
Independent association of map librarians. Membership information and publications.