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American Women's History, A Research Guide: Librarianship
Bibliography of print and online sources.

Archives of lis-libhist
Mailing list associated with the Library History Group. Searchable logs and subscription information.

Branch Libraries in the Bronx: A History with Selected Photographs
Illustrated history of the New York Public Library branches.

Celebrating Women's Achievements: Women in Canadian Librarianship and Bibliography
Biographical sketches of pioneers in library work and Canadiana.

Celebrating a Century of Service to Children
Illinois Libraries article examines the history of the Children's Services Department at the Champaign Public Library from 1899-1999.

History of Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie Libraries
Biographical material, photographs and details of his benefactions in Pennsylvania.

Illinois State Library: 1818-1870
Article from Illinois Libraries details the history of the State Library in the 19th Century.

Infography about Library Instruction -- History
Sources recommended by a librarian whose research specialty is the history of library instruction.

Intellectual Freedom Within the Profession: A Look Back at Freedom of Expression and the Alternative Library Press
Overview by Toni Samek of early radical library publications focusing on Synergy, Alternatives In Print and Prejudices And Antipathies.

Jefferson's Legacy: A Brief History of the Library of Congress
Official guide to the development of its role as a national library, with descriptions of its buildings, a timeline of acquisitions and a list of Librarians of Congress.

Libraries Today
History of libraries in Canada and particularly Ontario with annotated photographs, texts and biographies of librarians.

South Carolina Library History Project
All aspects of librarianship in the state, including histories of public, private and academic institutions, biographies and recollections, and special exhibits.

Survivor: The History of the Library
Article from History Magazine reviewing the evolution of libraries.

The Davies Project at Princeton University: Research into the History of University Libraries in the United States and the History of their Collections
Database of United States libraries in existence before 1876, searchable by location and type.

The Histories of Central Vermont's Libraries
Accounts of public libraries in several small towns.

The Infography about Public Libraries -- United States -- History
Sources recommended by a professor whose research specialty is the history of U.S. public libraries.

The Library History Buff
Historical impressions from an amateur perspective and descriptions of librariana with a special focus on postal artefacts.

The Mysterious Fate of the Great Library of Alexandria
Analysis of the varying accounts of the library's destruction by fire.

The Order of Books
Facsimile of Thomas Jefferson's manuscript prescribing the arrangement of his personal library, later to form the nucleus of a Library of Congress classified according to his scheme.