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Conan the Librarian
Conan inhabits the mythical Information Age, where he is a typical reference librarian. His world nevertheless bears some strange similarities to our own. From the Minnesota Association of Law Libraries.

I am the Very Model of Computerized Librarian
Gilbert and Sullivan parody, lyrics by Diane M. O’Keefe, MSLS, and Janet T. O’Keefe, MLS.

Interstitial Library
An infinite collection of books–obscure, lost, or not yet written–that belong in the spaces between the books on a library shelf. Frequently asked questions, history of the collection, and how to participate.

Librarian Avengers
Commentary on libraries and librarians including why one should fall to his knees and worship librarians.

Library Cartoons
An annotated bibliography of cartoons dealing with aspects of librarianship.

Library Humor
Original comedy pieces, including "Top Ten Job Ad Mistakes" and "Nancy Drew in Library School."

Library Humor
Humorous stories and cartoons about libraries, librarians, and related topics.

Library Humour
IFLA collection of library humour. Includes such categories as Library Laws (with apologies to Murphy), Lightbulb Jokes, and Perfect Excuses.

The Driving Insane
This weblog provides a glimpse into the alternate, semi-psychotic universe of the local public library (with some forays into the outside world.)

The Laughing Librarian
Huge collection of links, Zen koans, bookmarks and signs, sig file quotes.