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Andy's Most Useful Knots
Collection of knots sorted by purpose, such as securing loads or joining ropes. Includes photo diagrams, pros and cons, alternate ways of tying common knots.

Animated Knots by Grog
Knots sorted by activity, such as boating, climbing, fishing, decoration. Features animations of knots tied in several orientations, knot uses, knot comparison, CD-ROM.

I Will Knot
Video tutorials. Features step-by-step clips for over ten common knots including stopper knots, hitches, loops and bends.

Ian's Shoelace Site
Knots to tie shoelaces. Features illustrated and annotated techniques, knot comparison and ratings.

Knot Knotes
Discusses knots. Includes rope-making tutorial, knotting techniques, games, font.

Knots 3D
Reference page of website promoting knot-learning app. Includes basic description of 100+ knots as well as videos and diagrams.

Knots and Knotting
Knotting techniques and tools. Presents animated knots, knotting knives, Turkshead knots.

Knots on The Web
Collection of knotting resources. Presents exploding knots, lists links for knotting theory, techniques, art, videos, books, software.

Knots, Splices and Rope Work
Ebook by A. Hyatt Verrill at Project Gutenberg. Includes chapters on cordage, simple knots, hitches, loops, splices, fancy knots.

Knotting Dictionary of Knnet
Collection of common and less common knots. Includes drawings and user comments.

Animated knots. Includes fishing knots, outdoor knots, boating knots, paddling knots.

Notable Knot Index
Handpicked knots. Includes less common knots such as the tumble hitch, the midspan sheet bend and the cod end knot.

Video tutorials for over 70 knots. Features climbing knots, sailing knots, everyday knots and tie knots.

Ropers Knots Pages
Knot diagrams and links. Includes alphabetical index of knots, categorized links.

Knotting and pioneering. Includes animations, diagrams, PDF files of applied knotting techniques.

Surgical Knot Tying Manual
Teaching aid about surgical knots for medical students. Discusses knot structure, knot performance and tying techniques.