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National PTA
Information on the organization's aims, efforts in Washington DC on behalf of children, parental involvement, resources, PTA community, and the national convention. Guidelines and resources for local PTA units.

PTO today Magazine
Online ezine version of the magazine with current feature stories, events, news and interactive features.

Alabama PTA
Describes the goals of the organization, provides news, a listing of local PTAs, membership information, and a bulletin board.

Alaska PTA
Official information on educational news, resources, and information for parents, teachers, and students.

Arizona PTA
Support information for local PTAs, how to start a group, local contacts, membership information, newsletter, upcoming events and legislation, scholarship application materials, and the mission and goals of the PTA.

Arkansas PTA
The official Web site for the Arkansas Congress of Parents and Teachers.

California State PTA
Information about the PTA, its mission, history and organization. Local chapter information and contacts, resources for parents and chapters, and ongoing projects.

Colorado PTA
Goals and aims of the PTA, membership information, conference and event calendar, workshop schedule and links.

Connecticut PTA
Resources for advocacy on behalf of children and youth, developing parent skills, and encouraging parent and public involvement in public schools.

Delaware PTA
Information about the history and programs of the PTA, membership, the organization of the group, and events.

Florida PTA
A state organization of parents, educators and other individuals involved in the current education and development of children.

Georgia PTA
About the PTA, news, calendar, programs and goals, membership and local information.

Illinois PTA
Bulletin, news, events, convention, membership information, resources for local groups, groups goals, and links.

Indiana PTA
Mission of group, convention, directory, membership information, contact information, calendar of events.

Iowa PTA
Calendar of events, membership information, goals and purpose of the PTA, legislative update, news and contacts.

Maine State PTA
Policies, goals and events, news, Board contacts, membership information, calendar and links.

Maryland PTA
Legislative updates, membership information, contacts, purpose and goals of the PTA, resources and links.

Massachusetts PTA
Contact information, calendar, Presidents message, membership information, events, news and links.

Michigan PTSA
Updated resources for parent/teacher/student organizations, advocacy, resources and links.

Montana PTA
Convention highlights, membership information, goals, contacts, calendar of events, news and links.

Nebraska PTA
About the organization, calendar, programs, history, news, convention information and membership.

Nevada PTA
Organization history, calendar, president's message, convention, and membership information.

New Jersey PTA
Gives the educational community of NJ resources, tutorials, and information regarding learning.

New York State PTA
Message from the president, link to National PTA, membership information, history, programs, and calendar.

North Carolina PTA
Membership information, activities, programs, calendar, about the organization, news and contact information.

Ohio PTA
State of Ohio PTA

Pennsylvania PTA
Includes a mission statement, calendar, contacts, merchandise, and a listing of programs.

Tennessee PTA
Provides an overview of the organization, related links, board of directors, the legislative conference, and upcoming events.

Texas PTA
Provides contact information, related links, current events, programs, and fundraising information.

Utah PTA
Information for PTA members and leaders (calendar, membership, advocacy), also information and resources for families.

Virginia PTA
Contains news items, contacts, membership details, reports, and a calendar of upcoming events.

Washington State PTA
Organizational news, education resources, calendar of events, and leadership information.

Wisconsin PTA
Includes a mission statement, board of directors, news items, related links, and parenting tips.