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Provides answers from finance and accounting professionals for a fee. Users can submit their question, and then accept or reject the price/deadline offer provided by an expert. Does not provide content to non-paying users.

BitWine Advisor Network
Offers expert advice on topics including spirituality, nutrition and travel.

Allows users to pay for experts, technical assistance, web searching and document delivery.

Auto mechanics, doctors, accountants and other experts answer user-submitted questions for an agreed upon fee.

Provides experts via chat, video, or email.
Ask questions and get answers in chemistry, math, physics, statistics, business, finance, advanced math, and engineering. Offers homework help, online tutoring, and assistance with online classes.

Ask questions and browse existing answers from experts in various categories.

Your Jewish Fairy Godmother
Offers inspiration, marketing ideas, research, and negotiating. Advice on spiritual matters and relationships.