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Art of Travel: Hitchhiking
Advice to hitchhikers on potential risks, sign making and hitchhiking etiquette.

Bernd Wechner's Hitchhiking Resources
External and internal collection of information on hitchhiking.

Claudio Adriano Dobre
Stories, essential rules and practical tips from a long-time Romanian hitchhiker.

European Hitchgathering
Displays information about the annual gathering of the hitchhikers in Europe.

Feminist eZine: Tales of a Female Hitchhiker
Stories involving female hitchhikers.

Flickr: Hitchhiking
A group where hitchhikers can post pictures of their travels.

Hitch The World
A blog on one man's 3-year-long hitchhiking travel.
Anecdotes, FAQ and tips for newbie hitchhikers.

Hitchhiker's Guide to Serbia
Information on on major cities and towns, a road map and a hitchhiker's phrasebook for Serbian language.

Hitchhiking Vietnam: Letters from the Trail
A documentary of one woman's seven month journey through Vietnam.

Hitchhiking in the Netherlands
City by city specific tips and information.

Online logbook for hitchhikers to keep track of the routes they cover.

A guide to hitchhiking for newbies: advice on safety, information on city exits and particular geographic places, as well as blogs and a forum.

Hobo Lifestyle: Hitchhiking
Videos and write ups with hitchhiking advice.

StiffarmingSociety: Hitchhiking
A series of long-distance hitchhiking strategies, including ways to plan trip architecture, selecting useful rides and utilizing a map, as well as links to external hitchhiking resources.

Hospitality exchange community for hitchhikers.

Veit Kühne
Contains stories, golden rules and FAQ from an experienced German hitchhiker.

Travel narrative and drawings from hitchhiking around the world.