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Free service nationwide that matches up commuters. Includes links to other resources.

A website for listing carpools and private car rentals in the UK and Spain.

Long distance rideshare company for city-to-city car journeys.

Matches commuters based on proximity to home and work. Worldwide.

Carpool Global
Online system for people looking for shared ride.

Carpool King
Free carpool and rideshare matching.

Find a short distance carpooling partner for example to work, school or event.

Carpool listings, maps and groups.

Composition of Vehicle Occupancy for Journey to Work Trips
Research paper addressing the gaps in scientific literature by identifying individual, household and physical environment characteristics that correlate with an individual’s choice to rideshare instead of drive alone.

Allows anyone to set up their own closed commuter carpooling groups.

Find Carpool
Mainly Canadian carpool listings.

Lift sharing database connecting drivers and passengers to share the cost of travel to work, festivals, gigs and sporting events.

Matches travellers for one-time trips.

A service is built around Facebook and helps you share car journeys with your extended social network.

Ride-hailing platform with a focus on Southeast Asia

Australian carpool search listing service.

A rideshare mobile application that enables Uber passengers schedule rides for later.

The online service helping one find travelling companions.

The second largest ridesharing company in the world, with its primary presence in the United States of America.

MIT "Real-Time" Rideshare Research
Information collected and presented by a group of transportation researchers in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering studying the existing challenges and the opportunities to increase ridesharing participation.

Not Driving Alone: Commuting in the Twenty-First Century
A scientific investigation of recent commuting trends in American workers and both traditional economic determinants as well as socio-economic factors influencing their decision to carpool.

Online Ride Share
Vancouver and British Columbia's online ride-share, carpool and van-pool service.

Pool My Car
Carpooling partner search in India.

A corporate ride-sharing online portal in India that enables ridesharing with coworkers of the same or close by companies.

Feedback-rated system for one-time travel.

A meeting point for people that want to reduce travel costs and pollution. Portal with a search engine based on Google maps.

Carpooling partner search in Iceland. No registration required.

Share your Ride
Free carpool and ride share service. Offer your roadtrips for free, find drivers and passengers.

A service for event planners that facilitates ride- and taxi-shares among large event attendees.

Transportation Research Board: Flexible Carpooling to Transit Stations
Explores a flexible carpooling service designed to increase carpooling to transit stations.

The largest ridesharing company in the world, with a presence in over 300 cities across the globe.

This is the largest forum for Uber drivers on the internet.
Paid product information site for people that want to grow their Uber business or fleet of Uber cars.

Who Chooses to Carpool and Why?
A scientific examination of Texas carpoolers.

Ride sharing and carpool board. Travel and commuting databases arranged by country and state.

Online service and phone app to search for either daily or long distance commute.