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Animal Environmental Enrichment
Boredom is a very common problem in wild animals kept in captivity. Article gives humane methods of relieving boredom in these animals as well as procedures to comply with U.S. Federal requirements.

Asia Times: Japan's Illegal Immigrants, of the Furred Variety
An article about the growing market for exotic pets in Japan and enactment of stricter laws on animal ownership and the pet industry.

People for Domestic Skunks
Dedicated to making domestic skunks legal in the United States.

Pet Station: Pet Not
A listing of the animals not endorsed as being kept as pets.

Realistic Exotic Animal Laws
A mailing list for the discussion of laws, regulations, and other issues related to the keeping of exotic animals.

The International Hedgehog Club
An international non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment and care of the domestic African hedgehog worldwide.