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Chicken Crossing
Chicken forum. Includes information on chicken breeds, basic upkeep and pictures.

Connected By Pets
An online pet community for questions, answers, discussions and debates.
An online community of pet lovers, rescuers, and responsible breeders. Topics include pet grooming, conformation, pet health, and nutrition.

Itchmo Forums for Cats & Dogs
A forum for discussing cat,dog related health, news, product, and care issues.

A social network for pets owners. Includes articles and photo gallery

My Smelly
Discussions and articles on cats, dogs, and other animals; pet care information.

My pet forum online
General pet forum, Features blogs and videos.

Paw Talk
Chat forum for pet owners and animal lovers. Noticeboard, surveys and articles.

Pet Forums
Discussion forum about pets. Includes pet encyclopedia, photos and games.

Pet's Parlor
Social network site where you can interactive with friends and family. Upload videos, pictures and share information about your pets.

Family-oriented pet community. You can upload photos, videos, music, create forums, blogs, play games, and chat with other pet-lovers.
Forums for those who are passionate about their pets, discussions include various topics such as training, behavior, health, spaying/neutering, teething, dominance, nutrition and breeds.

PetPeoplesPlace Pet Forum
Offers a place for enthusiasts to discuss fish, birds, horses, cats, dogs, and exotics. Contains a photo gallery, polls, and memorials.

Pet forums. Topics include general, pet pics, cats, dogs, fish and reptiles.

Pets Forum
Discussion of pet care, ownership, and breed information.

Pets Keepers Guide
Online community dedicated to discuss all pets!
A forum for the discussion of pets.

Talk Pets
A general discussion forum for all things pet related.