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Equipped to Survive
A comprehensive online resource for independent reviews of survival equipment and outdoor gear, as well as search and rescue information.

Fox Kits Survival Kits and Survival School
Offers wilderness survival kits for all outdoor interests and environments and offers full spectrum survival training from military experts. Includes courses offered, rates, and location in Selmer, Tennessee.

History and Primitive Technology Page
Articles about the firepiston, flintknapping, the atlatl, and buckskinning.

Hoods Woods
Wilderness survival instruction, information, and instructional videos for outdoor enthusiasts.

HowStuffWorks: How Quicksand Works
Animated tutorial explains how quicksand forms, where it's found, and how one can escape being trapped in it.

M40's Wilderness Survival Skills
Learn about skills such as fire-making, shelter construction, primitive weapons, snaring, survival kits, water procurement, and survival psychology.

Native Tech
Articles on clay and pottery, leather and clothes, stonework and tools, weaving and cordage, food and recipes.

Old Jimbo's site.
Find information concerned with outdoor activities relating to survival, shooting, and plants.

Primitive Ways
This site is dedicated to Stone Age technology, atlatl spear throwers, fire by friction, simple kayaks, and bow and arrow.

Safety at Hiker Central
Safety and survival tips and links.

Simple Survival
Articles by B.L. Benton on many aspects of wilderness survival, including equipment, first aid, procuring food and water, building shelters, navigation, signaling, and making primitive weapons.

Society of Primitive Technology
A non-profit organization dedicated to the research, practice and teaching of primitive technology, earth skills, wilderness survival and Native awareness.

Links to information about wilderness survival and hiking, including survival tips, personal stories, and equipment reviews.

Survival tips, including fire-making, food and water procurement, building shelters, and using medicinal plants. Focus on jungle and sea/beach survival skills.

Survival Topics
Articles on outdoor survival skills, gear, kits, tips and tricks.

An illustrated guide with information, tips, pictures, maps and diagrams.

Survive Outdoors
Large informational website covering topics like poison ivy, ticks, heat exhaustion, spider bites, and the psychology of survival.

The Outlands WebStead
Information on homesteading, survival, and other aspects of self-reliance written by people actively involved in living close to the land.

The Survival Monkey
Modern survival information and forum on wilderness and urban preparedness.

Wilderness Resource List
A compilation of wilderness schools, periodicals, and listservs.

Wilderness Rhythms
Articles on firemaking, cordage, winter camping, and nature lore. Also teaches workshops in outdoors skills.

Wilderness Survival Guide
An illustrated guide to basic skills including travel, food and water, first-aid, and health.