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Cave Crawling in Carlsbad Caverns
Mitch Kaplan describes a trip to the Big Room, the Hall of the White Giant, King's Palace in New Mexico's Carlsbad National Park.

Cave and Canyon Photography
Images of caves and caving in Australasia from Dave Connard, Sydney, Australia.

Caves and Caving in the UK
Information on the main caving regions, advice for the beginner and experienced caver together with links to organisations.

Caving In Jamaica
A Web site the caves of Jamaica. Geography, geology, photographs, descriptions and a downloadable caves database.

Caving in Indiana
Includes trip log and photos of caves in Jefferson, Jennings, Monroe, Orange and Owen Counties.

Chris Vreeland's Caving Pages
Includes trip reports and photo galleries of caves in Texas and Mexico.

Darklight Imagery
The home page of Christopher Anderson, a cave photographer from Kentucky.

Deep Caves
Web site of Barbara am Ende. Lots of photographs and trip reports from caving adventures and other outdoor activities.

Flickr: Cavers, Caves & Caving Photos
Dedicated to caving photos. Discussion limited to group members.

Introduction to Caves & Caving
Information for beginning or intermediate cavers/spelunkers or others interested in caves. Includes a section on virtual reality caving.

Jamaican Caves
Images, history, exploration and surveying information of caves in Jamaica.

Margaret Harrison's Guide To Caving
A young caver explores the Colorado Rockies. Includes map and exploration guide to Fulford Cave.

Napoli Underground
Documenting in words and photographs the 4,000-year-old tunnels under Naples, Italy.

Paul Burger's Cave Exploring Guide
On-line guide to caves and cave exploring by noted caver Paul Burger. Includes equipment lists, skills checklist, and general background on cave science and exploration.

Pig Roast 2000
A web album of shots from Snedegar's and Bone Cave taken during a Memorial Day Weekend trip to West Virginia.

Robert's TAG Caving Page
Caving in and around TAG, Jackson County and Fort Payne, Alabama. Photos, trip reports and links.

Canadian caver Michael Gordon's weblog on travel and caves in the Ontario region.

Station R
Offers safety tips, accounts of trips taken to caves in Georgia, Tennessee and Mexico, eulogy for an explorer, a boy's guide to spelunking and articles about other outdoor sports.

The Intestines of the Earth
Mines and catacombs in and around Paris. Photographs,techniques, contacts and reports.

The Willerup Brothers
Trip reports and pictures from around the world, but mainly UK.

Underrealizm Virtual Cave
Personal pictures from caves, quarries, catacombs and mines set up like a virtual cave. Map, contact details and messages. [Russian and English]

Webster's Home Cave
Exploration of speleology, caves and caving. By Jo Schaper.