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All Too Flat
Geeky humor, backwards Google searches, the Bible According to Cheese, help with pet names and an advice column from a halibut.
Procrastination aids, bad pickup lines, taco humor and chipmunks.

Altering Time
A blend of geeky and technical humor, reviews of useless sites, news commentary and multimedia.

The adventures of a little green frog with a big personality.

Blue Duck With Fangs
A semi-vampiric waterfowl.

Cate's Garage Sale Finds
A showcase of bizarre and disturbing items found at garage sales.
A list of oxymorons and humorous questions to ponder.

Original humor to amuse your inner hamster.

Dr Speedbump's Attention Deficit Compan
A mix of satire, philosophy, abruptly-ending fiction and lobotomies.

Surreal comic strip with political leanings.

Freaking Kids
Shows a personal hate of many things in this world, headlining the hate of children and their behavior.

Giant Lava Lamp
A small town in Washington is trying to build a lava lamp. Request for help, and computer simulated pictures of what the lamp might look like.

Global Honk
A place for the gullible to learn about the world around them.

How To Keep An Idiot Busy
Timewasting exercise using a computer mouse.

Information about this powerful superhero, his heroic deeds and his inventions.

It's a Trap
A warning page.
Disjointed concepts and unsettling humor.

Learn to Count to Ten
Using both Arabic numerals and human digits.

Name Translations
Humorous definitions of people's first names.

Number Of The Moment
Visitors can find their Karmic number and have its significance explained.

Pick The Worst
Visitors can choose the worst option out of several bad scenarios.

Pointless Site
Featuring both possible and impossible mazes, and a collection of dead and blank links.

Shotgun Rules
Detailed guidance on how to call shotgun before riding in a vehicle.

Surreel Toon Supply Company
Cartoon supply company provides online searchable knowledge base and trouble ticket system for customers. Humorous technical support issues are posted for your amusement.

The Brink of Insanity
Various topics including Duct Tape Man, Sockweb, a horrorscope and poetry. Features a challenging navigation system.

The Longest Domain
Demonstrating a 67 character domain name.

The Pointless Dot Com
Providing readers with as little meaningful content as possible.

The Star of David Jewish Ninja Shiruken
The weapon of an ancient and secret martial art.

The Stupid Pastimes on the Web Site
Includes Build Your Own Cow, the Incredible Bouncing E-mail and the Cleanest Page on the Web.

VCR Clock Error
A cross between a server error and a misconfigured VCR.

Watching Paint Dry
A real-time webcam view of this exciting spectator activity, plus other equally interesting subjects.
Where you'll always get a warm welcome. Requires Flash and audio.