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A humorous weekly feature on any one of a variety of sports issues.

Around the Wicket
Caricatures and cartoons about cricket by Phil Holt.
Jokes, quotes, stories and one liners about the sport, its players and teams.

Beer Pong
The rules and history of this little-known sport.

Buck-Monkey Online
Humorous deer hunting and deer camp stories.

Fishing Jokes
Jokes and other humor relating to the pastime of fishing.

Funny Bicycle World Records
Information on the cycling-backwards-playing-a-violin world record. In English and German.

Grudge Match: Super Bowl
The Buffalo Bills and the Minnesota Vikings finally get a realistic shot at winning a Super Bowl, by playing each other.

Hirer Education
Satirical photo essay on college sports.

Mangold Hurling Association
Traditional English sport from the county of Somerset. Includes history and rules.

Rowing Geek Test
Take this silly test to see if you're a rowing geek.

The Becker Sports Report
Satirical sports journalism, covering a wide range of sports subjects and personalities.

The Heckle Depot
Baseball heckle instructions, jokes, and humor from MLB games.

The Sports Curmudgeon
A humorous and slightly slanted look at the world of sports from one of its most literate, if not a little grouchy, members.

eXtreme Disk Ripping
Information on this new extreme sport. Includes safety guide and links.