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Are You A Freak?
Find out how unique you feel you need to be with this online quiz.

Cartoon Magic
Visitors can create personalised interactive Flash cartoons by uploading photographs of friends, famous people or family.

Dress-Up Games
Dress up celebrities, nerds, and historical figures. Also a dress-up site for kids.

Electric Park
Includes egglatin, electronic cardshop, chienworks chat, and the ersatz dictionary.

An amusing web diversion where the user is asked to select the monkey from among several images given.

Get Your Star at Hollywood Boulevard
Enter your name in the URL and see a photograph of your own star.

Interactive Humor
Humor and fun served with jokes, games, interactive polls, and parodies.

Read jokes, send free postcards to friends, or play madlibs or other interactive games. Jokes updated Daily.

Madness Test
An interactive but probably inaccurate way to see if you are mad, or not.

No. Go Away.
Visitors must answer a series of taxing questions to find what lies beyond.

Find words the letters associated with your phone number spell. Pick a vanity phone number based on available prefixes.

Psychic Test
Test out your psychic abilities, and see how well you do on the psychic quiz.

Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint Letter Generator
Automatically generate humorous complaint letters. Just tell it whom to complain about, and the automatic complaint-letter generator will do the rest.
Virtual bubble wrap.

Switchback Fair
Satirical comment and parodies set in an environment that visitors navigate as if it were a fairground.

T-bone's Stress Relief Aquarium
Subject a defenseless fish to a variety of hardships in the name of stress relief.

Tell The Wizard
Got a rant? Leave it here, and read others.

Twisted interactive humor covering everything from dating to politics.

WWWF Grudge Match
Fictional send-ups pitting two cultural icons facing off for supremacy.

Weebls Stuff
Offbeat and unusual games, cartoons, art and comment.
A variety of applications and games to play with, plus other assorted humor and multimedia.

eLouai's Smiley Creator
Visitors can create their own smiley faces from a variety of expressions and accessories.