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Biblical Curse Generator
Offers randomly selected curses from the Bible.

Bitter and Sarcastic
A canonical list of generally bitter, cynical, and sarcastic away messages for messaging.

Elizabethan Curse Generator
Generate curses in Elizabethan or Shakespearian language.

Funny Insults
Insults arranged by subject and category, with voting buttons.

Insult machine
Generates insults based user profile.

Uses a complex algorithm to generate classic, Shakespearean, and a variety of other insults.

Insults - Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
A collection of insults presented as an e-book.
Hundred of insults, insulting quotes, and acidic sayings from all walks of life in lots of categories. Random insults generator.

Mind Your Own Business
Site dedicated to proving that male etiquette is not an oxymoron.

My World O' Fun
Click on hard to find links for instant insults.

Sheena's Insult Generator
Makes up random Shakespearean insults.

Swear and Curse
An opportunity to vent anger by swearing and cursing online. Best comments are posted for all to see.

You're Probably Lost
Remind someone of a painful experience or an embarrassing failure with original content added monthly.