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ABC for MBAs
Stuff you don't learn at Harvard.

All Scottish Teachers
A collection of school stories from teachers in Scotland and all over the world

Dack University
Spoof education establishment with links to shopping, athletics, and car racing.

Education Humor
Excerpts from answers on high-school history exams, worst analogies used in papers, science exams, and science misconceptions.

Funnies for Teachers and Parents
Jokes, stories and anecdotes about the lives of students, parents and teachers.

Geography Humor
Several different jokes related to geography.

Harlem College and University
Ghetto based institution offering skills and training needed in the 'hood.

I Was Absent The Day They Did That
What’s funny about school and learning? Here are articles concerning how we learned A and B, but maybe not C. Fun and a unique trip down the life-long learning lane.

Martini University
Spoof site offering a way to drink yourself to a university degree.

Ofsted AGHH
Contains jokes, quotes, and cartoons.

Oxford Global University
A satirical highly-efficient twenty-first century degree factory.

School Jokes
Jokes and humor about schools, teachers, pupils, lessons and school life.

Forum to exchange classroom humor and amusing stories related to teaching.

Ten Minute College
Attend the school of your dreams, and graduate in 10-minutes.

The Math Forum: Humor
Various forum threads relating to mathematics containing jokes, anecdotes and stories.

The Spotted Pear
Online newspaper that contains humor and parodies of all the events at Thomas Jefferson High School.

Universal Grade Change Form
Students can earn a different mark with this ready made request.

Wrong Answers
A collection of silly answers to common questions.