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Bastard Operator From Hell
SCO-IBM Lawsuit
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Anvil Dropping
Site documents crushing of electronics by dropping a large steel weight on them.

Colossal Computer Cartoon Book
Vintage cartoons and comics about computers and technology.

Collection of jokes and humorous images, covering a variety of topics.

Computer Jokes
Jokes and pictures aimed at amusing geeks. Visitor contributions accepted.

Computer Jokes
Old and new jokes about computing and the Internet.

Computer Stupidities
Humorous anecdotes of users creatively misusing computers.

Cyber Exorcism
Dedicated to fighting the poltergeists and cyber-demons that inhabit PCs.

Dictionary of Computing
A humorous dictionary of computing terms.

Don't Tech Me In
Technology humor site with articles, links, and e-mail updates.

Easter Eggs
Amusing secret tidbits and Easter eggs hidden in software

Five B's
Includes computer jokes on a variety of subjects.
Computer-related jokes, cartoons, and links.

Knuth 3:16
A retrospective of the work of Don Knuth, written a few thousand years from now.

Life In a Tech Shop
A look at how people mistreat their computers, which commentary and photographs.

Meet Joe Bloggs
A story of the trials and tribulations of a team of software developers.

Software parodies includes Joesoft Cheese, a web browser, and Joesoft Mama, a genealogy tool.

Ol' Buffalo Computer Humor Page
Collection of computer jokes.

Please Spam Me
Sarcastic ode to the worst of the worst junk e-mail.

Includes collection of amusing tech support stories. Includes stories from home and professional support situations.

The Best of Rec.Humor.Funny
Computers and technology jokes with one-line ratings.

The Easter Egg Archive
Secret tidbits hidden in software, movies, music, TV, books, and art.

The Haunted Apple
Humorous ghost stories fabricated from hard facts and experiences of common Apple II users.