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Adventures of Mr. Wombat
Holiday photos from this toy marsupial's trips around the world.

Alyce The Sheep
An online soap opera starring a stuffed sheep. With stories, photos and links.

Animal Advice
Images of humorous animal antics with statements of encouragement and wisdom for everyday life.

Fat Ginger Mice
The new menace. Protect your family, friends and yourself.

Funny Pet Pictures
Humorous animal pictures, sorted by type with visitor comments.

Funny Video Clips of Cats and Kittens
A collection of video clips featuring amusing cat behavior.

Hamster for President
Campaign to vote Hamster in the 2004 Presidential elections.

Harold Reynolds' Humour Collection
Home of the Bad Kitty and Bad Dog lists, and other pet humor.

Marry Your Pet
Specialists in catering for those who would like to demonstrate a long-term commitment to their pet.

Mr. Hamster
Funny Page for all hamster lovers. Photos, stories, links.

Puppy Piercing
Get your puppy pierced. You'll think it is for real. With wacky photos.

Rocky the Mustang
Includes the life story of Rocky, a wild mustang, with pictures, a goofy gift shop, music, humorous references, and his resume.

Save The Roof Rats
The mysterious world of lofty rodents.

The Adventures of Goose
Follow this cement goose on his special trips.

The Adventures of Happy Hamster
Comic strip adventures about a happy little rodent.

The Black Pussy's Cafe
Feline, Christmas and Halloween humor.

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?
Answers to the age old question, plus games, funny sounds, and the chicken dance.

Zoological Zanifest
Animal Comedy following the adventures of Timmy the seal, Lady the dog, Des the dik-dik and Ray the rhino.