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Air Sickness Bags
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Collection of more than 130 Backscratchers.

Brick Collecting
The history of brick making especially in the Hudson River, NY area; includes information on identification of Hudson Valley and New England brick.

Bryan's Rubber Band Ball
Pictures, statistics and guest book.

Cabin Safety Cards
A list of safety cards collected from airliners around the world.

Celebrating the Tidyman logo
The Tidyman is the icon found on product packaging which encourages people to dispose of the packaging after use. Increasingly, graphic designers are using creative variations of the standard logo on packaging. This site is a collection of these logos.

Cliff Muskiet's Stewardess Uniform Collection
Thumbnailed photograph galleries of uniforms worn by airline staff.

Coachbuilt Prams
A collection of coach built prams or baby carriages and their restoration. Lots of images and descriptions.

Collecting Crest & Monogram Albums
A personal site exploring and presenting research findings on the forgotten pastime of crest and monogram albums. Presented by Edward J Law.
Source for information on space history, space artifacts, and space memorabilia. Learn where astronauts will appear, browse collecting guides, and read original space history-related daily reports.

Covers To Discover
A picture collection about manhole covers. Accepts submissions. [English and French].

Fish Posters of the World
Photos, links and other information on all sorts of fish posters.

Flashlight Museum
History of flashlights and images of flashlights with information.
Online museum of antique, classic and new flashlights.

Frogs Collectors' Corner
Around 100 frogs, from all around the world, with images.

Gin Traps
An introduction to UK gin traps, including descriptions of variations and their uses.

Global Lottery Collector's Society
Lottery collecting enthusiasts who study and collect lottery tickets from around the world.
A collectors guide to vintage handcuffs, featuring a gallery of handcuffs and related restraints as well as feature articles on handcuff collecting, Houdini and his fellow escape artists of the past.

A brief biography on Leo Hendrik Baekeland with pictures of bakelite as well as links.

Maytag Club
A California and Federal Non-Profit Corporation Dedicated to the preservation of the Maytag History and restoration of their products.

Menotomy Vintage Bicycles
Site contains two on-line vintage bicycle databases and 6 Discussion Areas with topics on vintage bicycle pricing, dating and restoration.

My Bandaids
This site contains images of an bandaid collection and a listing of the people that have made contributions to it.

Old Organizers Collection
Collection of monochrome organizers, text and graphic PDA's, older brothers of nowadays multimedia hand held devices.

Oozin' Goo
Information about lava lamps including history and profile of the inventor, formulas for making your own lamps, a vintage lamp photo gallery, and link to message forum.

Paper Watermarks
Collection of paper watermarks, with images and information about watermarks, and links to related resources. English and Espaol.

Rubberband Man
Provides information on starting a rubberband ball and has images of ongoing projects.

Sand collecting site. Offers to exchange samples of sand. Site is in Italian and English.

Scratch Ticket Collecting
Scotttie's Australian Lotology page.

Snowmen Collection Cornelius Graetz
All about the history of the snowman and the personal collection of Cornelius Graetz.

Solid Perfume
A free informational forum for collectors of solid perfume compacts. Includes a message board, searchable photo database and buying and selling area.

Straitjacket Floats
Collectors guide to straitjackets. A guide for Houdini fans everywhere.

Straitjacket Page
Pictures, links, and sources related to straitjackets.

Swingline Owner's Group
Stapler collections.

Talking Clocks
A collection of talking clocks. The site contains: photo galleries, some history of clocks that talk and interesting links about time.

The Daily Newspaper Collection
Individual collecting front pages of daily newspapers. The site contains the catalogue.

The Sneaker Net
Collection of over 150 sneakers (most of them Nike) - pictures.

Tissue Box Cover Collection
A collection of unusual tissue box covers.

Treasure Jar
Dedicated to a family's collection of miscellaneous junk that is found on streets and sidewalks.

Vintage Ceiling Fans
A collectors site about vintage ceiling fans, with images, descriptions and links.

Waistcoat Man
A collection of waistcoats and three-piece suits, including images and a place for other collectors to meet.

Whistle Museum
Online Museum, dedicated to presenting and researching whistles and antique whistles devided by categories as : by function, by shape, by material, by manufacturers, by period and by region.

Yossie's Handcuff Collection
A personal collection of Handcuffs, Leg Irons, and other institutional and historical restraint devices. Includes resource links page, patent papers, function animations, and books.