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A Brief History of the Typewriter | Mental Floss
Posted for International Typewriter Appreciation Month.

A typewriter renaissance - YouTube
Bill Geist interviews typewriter enthusiasts who have found a new passion for a writing machine of the past.

Antique Typewriter Collecting
Anthony Casillo provides information on collectable typewriters, including pictorial gallery of early typewriters. Also provides ribbons and repairs for vintage typewriters.

Antique Typewriters - Collectors Weekly
History and links for collectors.

Antique Typewriters - The Martin Howard Collection
Comprised of typewriters from the very beginning of the typewriter industry (1880s and 1890s).

Backspace Does Not Erase
Typewriter site from Robert G.

Carbons to Computers - The Changing American Office
Smithsonian Institution exhibit features museum display, timeline, and resources for further study.

Chuck and Rich's Antique Typewriter Website and Museum
Virtual museum of antique typewriters, including toy, index, and special purpose typewriters. Also has information on selected early office items.

Early Typewriter Collectors Association
Information about ETCetera, the Journal of the Early Typewriter Collectors Association.

History of the IBM Typewriter
Timeline with images (from vintage ads) of each model.

How to Buy Vintage Typewriters - WikiHow
Guide to learning the market and buying a vintage typewriter.

Lady Typewriter
Features an antique typewriter virtual library and museum, a timeline, and news for collectors. Representing collectors of antique typewriters in Great Britain.

Machines of Loving Grace
Alan Seaver, collecting typewriters for over 20 years.

Magic Margin
Ryan Adney: typewriters, photography and old gadgets.

Mike Campbell's Antique Typewriters
Information on collecting typewriters. Includes a gallery, restoration tips, and resources.

Mr. Martin's Typewriter Museum
Showcasing a typewriter collection.

Old Bobs Old Typewriters
News and resources for typewriter users, fans and collectors.

Many years newspaper columnist and sports writer. Own the Australian Typewriter Museum. Robert Messenger, Canberra, Australia.

Philly Typer
Typewriter enthusiast.

Portable Typewriters
An illustrated history of early typewriters by typewriter collector Richard Milton.

Shannon L. Johnson Typewriter Collection
Contains tributes to select early typewriter companies and featured machines form Mr. Johnson's collection. And sources for hard to find supplies for antique typewriters.

Swedish Typewriter Page
Includes a brief history of typewriters, examples of early models, and common questions about collecting. In Swedish and English.

The Classic Typewriter Page
All about typewriters: history, use, collecting, restoring. Richard Polt.

The Portable Typewriter Forum - Yahoo Groups
Discussion limited to portable typewriters.

The Roving Typist Film
C.D. Hermelin typewrites unique stories for strangers in the parks of NYC. Film by Mark Cersosimo.

The Type-In Page
The practice of creative people gathering together with typewriters. First Philadelphia Type-In on Dec 18, 2010 was the beginning of modern Type-Ins.

The Typewriter Database
Collection of typewriter serial number information. Find out when a typewriter was made and photos from collectors across the globe.

The Typewriter Restoration Site
Includes information on the restoration of antique typewriters. Includes a virtual museum and a parts exchange.

The Typewriter Revolution
Explores the creative uses of typewriters in the 21st century. Choose, use, and care for a typewriter.

The Typewriter Revolution
Personal site from a typewriter collector and poet. Also, author of The Typewriter Revolution.

Offers a hand-typed transcription and postal service with online ordering.

Typewriter Collectors Alliance - Facebook
A group for collectors to exchange resources.

Typewriter Serial Number Database
Date your old/ antique typewriter, by using the serial number listings database. Includes additional information for collectors.

Typewriter Talk
Active forum for typewriter collectors and artists.
Stories about weird and wonderful typewriters and passionate inventors. Hundreds of high resolution pictures. Typewriter restoration and a Miss Typewriter contest.

Typewriters - Reddit
The subreddit for typewriter fans.

Typewriters - Yahoo Groups
An open forum for collectors of typewriters, calculators, ribbon tins and other office-related items, including typewriter history, restoration techniques, get-togethers.

Typewriters by Will Davis
Antique, modern, standard, portable, all typewriters documented from a collector.

Typewriters of the XX Century - Things
History and images of a collection of typewriters.

Virtual Typewriter Museum
Includes virtual museum dedicated to the early history of the typewriter.

Welcome to the Typosphere
A term for bloggers who collect and use typewriters and other obsolete technologies, including handwriting, pens and ink, paper mail and mail art, knitting and fibre arts, film photography, chip-less combustion engines, and related ephemera.

Yesterday's Office
Antique office equipment collecting. Features articles on antique typewriters. - Explore and Learn
History, timeline, glossary of typewriter words and phrases. Also a list of resources for typewriter enthusiasts.